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    looking for a serious clan

      im looking for a serious call of duty clan to do gamebattles and online tournaments with. im a top 20 ranked master in league play. add me on xbox live: klubso

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          Re: looking for a serious clan




          If you want to join you need these requirements.



          - Elite account

          - K/D at least 0.80

          - A mic

          - Xbox Live



          Add me: GrTM StupidNoob

          Send an application on Elite and I will check you out



          -If you make it in the clan you need to put "GrTM" in front of your gamer tag. If you cannot then always have your clan tag set as [GrTM]



          THIS CLAN IS FOR XBOX 360

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            Re: looking for a serious clan

            Hey cr0uching,

            My name is Cj (GT: WillyWooTang) and I am founder/leader of Shoot First Ask Later, we are a clan has Elite Events almost every day, today the 10/25 we are having one at 12:00PM and on the weekend we have one on both Saturday and Sunday. We are not big in numbers only 22 including me, but we do have is skill, 2 weeks ago we scored 11th out of 2700 clans, and the week before that we 22nd out of 1700 clans.


            Here at xSFx (our Tag) there are not requirements, just have fun!

            NO K/D

            Mic is nice but if you dont that is fine

            We do have a main Elite Team if you are in our top 10 you can join

            No trials are needed


            Our site is up and running visit up at xsfalx.enjin.com, here our site is up 24/7/365 and always being updated.
            So if you are interested me send me a message via this site, our site, or even on Xbox (GT: WillyWooTang)

            Even you choose not to join us Have Fun and Happy Gaming


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