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        40. Re: How To Deter/Punish Quitters

        I feel just as strongly as you do about people leaveing, and i agree with you if your host it should say endgame instead of leavegame like it currently says! I need to add tho my grandmother often needs my help and its a five minute drive so i should be punished for her being 71 and needing my help? A system where it will ban you if you quit 10 games in a week keep in mind ive had this happen to me and im using it as an example what if your playing straight zombies and you run into mulitiple lobbys where people have their mics off at first then they do somthing different then you do and they start Bit**ing at you you expect me to stay,or if i leave ill get punished for playing with rude people. Like many other people have said tho a simple host migration would do the trick with the host leaveing. but i respect your thoughts and you and i will find out if your idea is implemented into CoD blackops2 zombies good day!

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          41. Re: How To Deter/Punish Quitters

          Zombies is now using the MP engine which mean it will have host migration. Hopefully they have solved the plug pulling issues. Not sure why someone would do it in zombies, but if it can happen you know it will.

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            42. Re: How To Deter/Punish Quitters

            I'd prefer someome quits outright instead of just sitting down their controller and leaving the room so they don't lose some rank..

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              43. Re: How To Deter/Punish Quitters

              Like you said, there are times when you need to quit to do something else that is more important. But wouldn't you happily take 1 point in "Ended Game" or "Quit Game, if that would mean that you can avoid people who are reqular quitters? Because I would.


              I am more for deterrence than punishment, but punishment is a form of deterrence. Maybe if you quit in the first 5 rounds, you don't get punished. This would allow you to quit from matches with glitchers or rude/abusive/annoying players without punishment.

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                44. Re: How To Deter/Punish Quitters

                Even if they are the host and you just spent 3 hours and beat your high score? I doubt it very much.

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                  45. Re: How To Deter/Punish Quitters

                  Add host migration, but give the option to join lobbies that haven't started yet or to join a lobby that has already started but someone left. That way if you have to go do something and your playing with friends, they can invite you back.

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                    46. Re: How To Deter/Punish Quitters

                    how is it bad sportsmanship if you forget you have something to do, so you end the game. A blanket punishment that you suggest IS NOT FAIR! We should just be punishing the minority that do rage quit, not punish everyone, most of whom are innocent in this respect. YOU clearly either did not read a single word i posted in earlier messages, or it went in one ear and out the other. Read them again

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                      47. Re: How To Deter/Punish Quitters

                      ok, i like the idea of quitting before round 5 if with abusive people, fairplay. Still, instead of simply banning them, just have like a combat record style thing that zombie players in your lobby can see via your profile, and see your average number of quits a week, with a green indicator for very few, yellow for a few, and red for a lot. Banning people just is wrong, it's not against game rules or the law to leave a game.

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                        48. Re: How To Deter/Punish Quitters

                        I'm SOOO sick of hearing this excuse. if you have somewhere to go and have to quit.... then a few min/hour ban shouldn't affect you in the slightest because your done playing anyways. (come back/home hours later: ban is over)

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                          49. Re: How To Deter/Punish Quitters

                          dont start a game if you have to leave. simples

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