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        I play zombies to kill zombies. Me and my zombie buds just hop in a match for 3+hours and quit when its time to go to work.


        THis is abad idea. plus i quit alot on solo so i can play as my favourite character.


        BTw if you quit alot of zombie matches in the early rounds ir counts against your rank

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          i find it funny half the people i play with who say no quiters rage quit themselves. i play to play simple as that. but alot of people have to get off for work school ext. or just need sleep and ya i get it people have **** to do. something simple that would fix my main people with people quiting is let the rounds still count after the person quits. hell i wouldnt care if everyone in my whole game rage quit then id just be going for solo round leaderboards. as for needing 4 people for easter eggs well should plan those 4 ahead of time for the easter egg. all in all people wanna quit be my guest im not there to worry about teams im there to play and wont hop into a zombies game unless i got hours to spare

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              Easy solution for all those joensen zombie killers who don't have time for a long match-----PLAY FRICKEN SOLO. That way u can either pause or leave which either case you don't screw with others.

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