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    The Official Best Gun in Ghosts has been Announced

      Oh yes its official the best gun in CoD Ghosts is a hand held six barrel revolver. It has a one shot kill every time and is the perfect weapon for downing campers. If you watch the video below you will see just how amazing this gun is and how effectively it destroys the enemy. The weapons expert and ex green beret in the video, uses it to annihilate the enemy. It is used by the USMC and has a unique and simplistic design. Being a semi-automatic revolver, it has immense stopping power.


      The operator in the video describes the various types of ammo which this beast can fire. He goes on to state just how accurate it is and demonstrates this with the use of an added red dot sight. He further states its uses and why a special lightweight version has been developed for JSOC. You can attach a fore grip for increased range and accuracy. The weapons expert declares that in the right hands it can deliver devastating firepower. Finally they show the weapons stats, its great mobility and its awesome firepower too. So go check out the vid and see the best gun in Ghosts. This gun is a beast and it will give you an awesome KDR!!!