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    How big will Ghosts be on the 360


      You may not have heard but Ghosts on next gen consoles requires 49GB HDD space for a full install!!!!


      So how much space do current gen consoles need? Or can someone advise the best place to raise this?


      Needing to know due to only having a 60GB HDD on my 360 and if I should cancel my pre-order or not. As there's no way I'm buying a new HDD when I'm upgrading to a PS4 in December

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          My guess is it will be like previous games, 1 disc that you can install to your hard drive and will take up ~7GB.


          If you're savvy with computers you can upgrade the hard drive in your Xbox360 relatively cheaply. I swapped the 20GB hard drive in my Xbox for a 250GB drive that cost me 40$.

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            Don't forget its normally not a compulsory requirement to actually install the full game on the 360, and judging by past games it will probably be the same for Ghosts.


            This would obviously not be the case if you did the digital download which is rumoured to be about 29-35 gb.