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    Not finding Black Ops 2 lobbies.

      Been playing Black Ops 2 since launch, apart from a few hiccups and the obvious problems with this game that I won't mention lately for some reason I simply cannot connect to a game. Other online multiplayer games work fine for me, heck, I get straight into lobbies when I play online with MW3 and MW2....
      On the off chance that I do find a game, I connect to games full of French or Swedish players, which is really odd as I'm based in the UK.


      Tried every fix I can find, forwarded my ports, changed DNS settings etc etc


      Console is Xbox 360 Slim, wired directly into router via ethernet cable. Just ran a recent speedtest and my ping is around 32ms, up and download speeds of around 100mb/s.


      So, can so can someone please tell me what the heck is going on?!?

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          Hello, apologies for the frustrations - we all know the annoyance of waiting for games that never come!  Can you run a quick check of your in-game NAT and bandwidth? Sometimes console speeds can vary from a speedtest on a computer. Just go to the System Info page - Multiplayer>Options>Back Button 


          Have you recently changed your connection at all? Have you moved, upgraded your connection, or changed ISP's?   Generally, the game will attempt to match you with players that have a similar bandwidth and ping, so depending on the connections of players close by, you may be connected to players father away that are a better match for your ping and bandwidth.  This can sometimes happen if you have the top-tier internet speeds, while most people playing in your area have slower speeds.


          Are you using DLC?  You might want to clear your Xbox system cache as well. http://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Clearing-the-Xbox-360-System-Ca che-or-PlayStation-3-Game-Data/




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              I'm having the same problem. I checked my in game nat an bandwidth. NAT is open and Bandwidth is 10000 kbps. I am located in Hawaii. Any help is appreciated.

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                i have the same problems ever since i got some DLCs so would clearing my cache help and or if so would there be any side effects or so on?

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                    Now that you mention it this all started like a day after i downloaded apocalypse. it might have something to do with that. All i know t that i just got back from a 6 month deployment and i'm trying to get my skills back up. the situation im in is preventing that so if a solution is available i would like to know what it is.

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                        I am on Playstation 3 with all DLC content on Black Ops 2 with NAT open. I have noticed the games is not finding very many games in multiplayer's core and hard core playlists. Finding games in Bonus/Nuketown playlist, Apocalypse playlists, and zombies appears to be unaffected as only one map or one DLC is used.


                        For older Call of duty games (black ops 1, modern warfare 1, 2, 3), when I install DLC content, the game is suddenly finding only 1 game, sometimes none, in many playlists, and was taking more then an hour never finding enough players. When I delete or disable DLC contents in all older Call of Duty games, the game is suddenly finding lots of players and joining games very quickly in all playlists of multiplayer. I like how easy it is to turn off DLC search in modern warfare 3, too bad other Call of Duty games is missing DLC search options.

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                    Been having the same problem for almost a month...Only difference is when the do find matches for me it's only with ''Hispanics" or "Latinos" that only speak spanish being that i'm black and live in Houston i have no idea why it's happened...I have been on this site, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook looking for answers i have yet to find one...So if you get your problem fixed before i do i would appreciate it if you let me know how you done it...

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                      i just deleted the Apocalypse map pack an now i find matches without a problem. IDK what gives but whatever i didnt like those maps that much ayway and the ppl i play with dont have them

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                        reason why it keeps searching for players and you wait for a match to join  its because people are playing call of duty ghost , treyarch should fix this