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    What we know for sure is or is not in Ghosts

      I was thinking about this and I think we need one area to post what we do know for sure is in Ghosts or is not in Ghosts. So if you have a link stating yes this is or is not in the game then please post it. This way as PC gamers we can decide fully if we want to buy the game Ghosts or not. And we have all the info we have been able to find in one spot.

      For me FPS fov and real servers with real pings and not the the green bar are issues for me.As well as a fixed screen resolution in game settings is a big issue for me. And so far after a week of looking I still cant find out if Ghosts can do a high screen resolution with out wide screen fixer


      Take special note at  12:50 min seconds  he says 60 fps across the board ... Edit... ok this is wrong its only for console but the video still has good game info…

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBBu12qYh-8&feature=c4-overview-vl&list=PLZeek85K uka0ca1mDCe9_NBjBtongDF6L

      Sorry my hearing is bad so I put in my hearing aids today lol.

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          Re: What we know for sure is or is not in Ghosts

          He says "runs at 60fps on all platforms, both current gen and next gen" which means Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4. They never mention PC at shows like this. It's all mostly console gamers there. Trust me when I say this, but PC won't be locked at 60fps.

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            Re: What we know for sure is or is not in Ghosts

            What we know for sure.


            1) Rentable servers will not be included at launch...

            2) A server browser will not be included at launch...

            3) A FOV slider will not be included at launch...


            Now sure they claim that they might be adding these features sometime after launch... but Activision (and especially IW) has a long track record of making false promises to boost pre-orders, then completely ignoring the PC community...


            Since these features will not be in-game at launch, there's a few more things we know for sure...


            4) The game will use the same broken matchmaking present in MW2, MW3, and BO2... 

            5) Problematic players will be able to do anything they wish without consequences (harassment, racism, glitching, hacking, etc)



            I feel sorry for all the suckers who are getting Ghosts on PC. They could all get console versions and have the exact same experience with far less lag and virtually no hackers... Especially since you can get a kb/m for the consoles...







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                Re: What we know for sure is or is not in Ghosts

                Points 1 and 3 are correct, and yes Mark Rubin has stated that these features are being developed as part of the post-launch support packages.

                Point 2 is still a mystery, unless anyone has any concrete evidence to support that claim?

                Point 4 is incorrect as Mark Rubin has stated that Ghosts uses a new matchmaking system, with an enhanced algorithm. One which aims to put players into the best possible games based on certain criteria. (As yet unknown).

                Point 5 is incorrect as Ghosts will have an all new anti-cheat system developed in conjunction with Valve/Steam.

                The 60 FPS reference is purely for consoles, I do not see the PC version having a locked FPS at 60. MW 3 had an FPS locked at 90 so at worst Ghosts will have the same? However there is more positive evidence that supports a higher FPS cap. IW have taken note of some of the features Treyarch introduced for BO II. The pick 10 system has been quoted by Mark Rubin a few times, so one could deduce that they might just follow Treyarch’s example? If that is indeed the case then we might see a 200 FPS cap? Which I’m sure would be just fine for most players. (FYI the 200 cap is to prevent high spec PC users getting an unfair advantage with their higher FPS which occurs once you get a steady FPS of over 250).

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