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    What is your game tag, and what does it mean?


      Well I had my tag for a long time, remember street fighter and mortal kombat machines on a corner store? My score tag was always bad and at that time I was just a boy, for some reason it never changed lol.


      Now I was playing MP the other day and came across a tag “analsex”, the funny part was is when he killed me it displayed

      “you have been killed by analsex”.


      Any of you got some funny ones?

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          Can't say I can recall any funny ones that I've seen. But, it makes me wish I would've chosen a better tag for that reason.


          SheerStupidity. A Cute Teddy. Your Mom. A Bigfoot. etc...

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            mine is DarkHelmet II (The second)

            What's funny is i got made fun of in a pre-game lobby for my G.T. being bad, so I shut them up. All of them left by the end.

            I got mine from Spaceballs. Obviously.

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              PC?  I was quite shocked when I saw their name the other day.  Got me killed more than usual.  And that's a lot.

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                Mine is derelicte24. Got the nickname derelicte from the movie zoo lander years ago and it kind of stuck.  Threw the 24 in there for a shout out to Kobe

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                  Back in the days of pinball,after burner, bad dudes, and N.A.R.C.S. all you could have was a 3 letter GT




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                    UnexpectedLuck, should speak for itself lol

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                      Im mega, i like dogs, and my favorite number is 14. Simple enough.

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                          my original gt was thecalmquail, I wanted thepheasanthasnoagenda but it was too long for psn.


                          My next gt was theslickonion, but I started playing with a guy called LEAD_PSYCHO; and he joked I should've made a LEAD account. So I did. LEAD_PSYCHOPATH


                          this is really cool though, I love hearing how people chose their names. really curious about LORD GRR and dbz.

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                          With mine I wanted to include the German word "panzer". PeterPanzer poppe into my head so I went with it. Kin. Of a play on words. 903 is my area code.


                          I used to be TheManBearPig (South Park) I miss that tag lol.

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                            When I was in 6th grade, we were given an assignment to make a fiction story and I made the best on in the class. It was about two ninjas, samurai if you will, who were feuding. When I watched part of "Kill Bill", I thought it was kind of cool how she rose up and slaughtered the ones that tried to kill her, so I based mine of that. At the time, I thought the movie was called "Kill Book" since it did kind of make since she had a book of those who she would kill. My story was about a samurai named "Hiroshio Hiomoto" who had gotten annoyed of the tyranny in this Chinese temple and he became a rouge and tried to rise up against it. He tried for many years as he trained, he wrote down the names of those he would take out. As he continued to train, everything he learned that day, he used it to kill one of his targets. He kept all his targets in a little black book. Word about him got around and he was blessed with the name of "Killbook"". He then wore a mask and armor and everything to hide his identity (Part of the assignment was to draw a picture and I made a really cool one by tracing parts of pictures out of a superhero drawing book) and ended up killing the tyranny. He was a created legend and his legacy lived on although in the legend, it said he and the tyranny were fighting and the building came down and killed them both, he lived on and kept a book of targets who had upset him and it was a really great story and I would love to continue it and make it into a novel one day but sadly, it was in 6th grade and I moved schools and everything.



                            Anyways, my original GT was "Killbook" but now it's "ZZ Killbook." ZZ was created to make my zombies clan and so ZZ stands for "Zombie Z-day" (Because D-day is considered doomsday or the end of the world through natural causes and Z-day is considered the end of the world through zombies). My GT represents that no matter what happens, I will never give up trying to kill you. For example, in BO2 multiplayer, if you keep killing me, I will keep rushing at you until I kill you and 90% of the time I do get the kill. For those who beat me so badly, I write down their GT and just join their session and kill them and get satisfied. I have like, a whole list of people I still need to beat.. My name works really great in GTA5 online because usually I'll be in free mode, minding my own business, trying get some strippers for a penthouse party and then someone kills me. I ask them to stop and they keep doing it. I write down their GT and I kill them and trust me, I don't stop until their dead. I once chased this one guy across the map on foot almost and just to kill him. That was a well hour well spent. He them said on his mic when I killed him "I see why your name is Killbook you little psycho, no one I know chases someone for an hour just to kill them, you little *****". I also remember one time almost the whole server killed me and finally I killed the entire server. Like, I had a big shoot-out with me against the whole server near the docks and I demolished them. I died alot too, went from 30k to 0 but I killed more of them then they did me. I got SOOO many bounties placed on my head that my friend said he came in game and it said I had something on the lines of a 20k bounty on me.



                            Anyways, sorry for rambling there, was just trying to prove my point. My name came from a movie and my own inspiration and imagination. The story is a little all over the place but I was in 6th grade but not many 6th graders get their story sent to a writer as an suggestion on something to write!

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                              Damnitall came from trying to think of a name and finally i just said dammit, and that kinda stuck cept it was already taken.  So hence the all.  Which was then already taken....add in the 89 and we have liftoff.


                              My current name is NexestFatum, which is latin for death is destiny or death is fate. And was originally created as a name for a guild I ran back on an old MMO.

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                                I'm from Canada and was vacationing in Australia. We went to a theme park one day and my dad saw a door with the label "combustible liquids" on it but thought it said "combustible squids" we laughed about it for a bit, then I turned to him and said "that's my new username". Used to be COMIII but that was boring. tl;dr - My username is CombustiblSquid because my dad had a dyslexic moment at and Australian theme park.

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                                  dustycrow333. dustin aka dusty. crow messenger of death and it represents the inner balance between good and evil and just kinda became my symbol since im bipolar and try to balance things out. and 333 cuz i used to wake up every morning at 3:33 for no reason and get home at 3:33 in the afternoon from school