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    RIP CoD on PC


      Well this is it Activision will kill CoD on PC in the next 1-2 years...

      One of the reasons PC has as many players as it has is that it wasnt a very demanding game from hardware. But with these req that they have posted many people wont be able to play the game because theyr systems arent good enough. CoD had a good run on PC...hell it started on PC.

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          What do you expect? Do you want the game to stay with DX9 Hardware for it's entire life cycle? That would completely restrict any advancements in the series. New engine, new fancy graphics, new hardware required. It makes sense. I don't see why people are complaining about it. If you can't afford to run a game on PC, then don't buy it. If you really want it, then get it on current or next gen consoles.

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              i can run it and i can afford it but.

              There are 20k people on BO2 and Bo2 isnt a demanding game so maybe 5k people arent running it on great machines..

              Well with these very high req those 5k people wont buy the game and wont play it that means 15k people will play this game and im sorry but 15 is just too little of a player base

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                You say new like its built from scratch which it is not, its the SAME engine with a massive upgrade *which I do applaud them for doing, something they should have done years ago* but there is no excuse from going to DX9 straight to 11, at minimum it should be DX10 with 64bit, but again that's just me.

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                Activision is most definitely killing the CoD franchise on PC... but it honestly has nothing to do with system requirements.


                If they were properly supporting the game with PC features, we would have a much much larger community than we do now.


                Hell if Black Ops 2 had all the same basic features that CoD4 had, it likely wouldn't drop below 20,000 players on it's worst day.  The gameplay itself is very fun and addictive, it's just completely 100% unplayable due to the broken nature of matchmaking.  

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                  i got 2500$ of stuf in my computer so we deserved better graphic then what we got since 4 years

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                    Another thing to take into account is it being casual friendly.

                    Now the latter CoD's are rather easy, both on PC and console. But one big thing to take in mind, is that the smaller community on PC has more elitists and "tryhards" than the console. For a completely new gamer, it would be way easier to get just a cheap xbox for 150 euro or so, set sensitivity to 4/10 and let the aim-assist and overall low skill level on console do alot of work for them. They will have a far easier, and thus for them far more enjoyable time.


                    I've had my fair share on the console (did GameBattles in cod:waw/mw2/bo1) to know how the overall experience is over there.

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                      If those people are gaming on PC they should know how PC gaming works. If you can't run a game you want to play, what do you do? You upgrade some components or do a completely new build depending on the age of your rig's components. If they don't know that about PC gaming or aren't willing to upgrade for a game then they should just be playing on consoles IMO.

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                        UG........ the next gen world does not exist for PC users, the current "minimum Requirements" I fathom........ are merely the "recommended Requirements"

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                          Every time a new console is released the system specs jump a little. PC will be fine with the specs. We have better and more flexible systems.

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                            Some good points said there fella’s, here’s my views on the subject; To me the higher specs released state that the game has had a major re-work, which it most definitely needed. Higher hardware demands, equals more graphical eye candy and better audio. Making the player experience much more rewarding, better fun and greater immersion into the game. I feel IW takes a lot of criticism for its engine mechanics and graphics. An area where the game needed work to bring it in-line with other games, as well as the advanced tech now available. So hence why the new upgrades will make the game run better, smoother and feel a whole lot more immersive. Making it more pleasurable to play and giving it an addictive feel to the user.  If 40-50GB HDD space is required then that means more content, ergo much more fun and extra playtime. With more modes to play the boredom factor should take a lot longer to kick in?

                            Ghosts has the potential to become the all-time best seller and fans new all-time favorite, with an extended lifespan yet to be realised. With it still being played daily by thousands of loyal fans for many years to come? Just like CoD 4 is today, some 6 years after its first release. Add in all the customisation and new game modes making it a challenge day-in, day-out. Plus the extra fun of Squads mode, adding a new dimension to the series, coupled with a more rewarding and competitive edge.

                            The PC is the ultimate platform and will always out-perform any console. All of the new tech added and future technological advancements like G-Sync, Mantle and 4K gaming will only push its elite status even higher. So the future is extremely bright on the tech side, all we need now is for the developers to recognise that and build games specifically for each individual platform. With specific features added on a platform by platform basis. For the PC this means more basic in-game settings and custom tun-ability for graphics, play styles, adjustable system tweaking for individual hardware abilities. As well as must have features like dedicated servers’ for low lag, with a server browser. Mod Tools, Rentable servers with user control so that Admins/Moderators can keep the peace. As then and only then, will we see a return to the glory days of Call of Duty as a true PC game? Ultimately that’s the question which will always remain and one in which we hardcore #PCGamers will debate for years to come!!!