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    Wii U gamers not into clanning?

      Can't find any Wii U exclusive clan on clan recruitment section of this site so I made up my own <a href="http://www.fairplayzone.net">"Fair Player's Club"</a>. To my surprised, not a single one responded. There's so many clans for PS4 & Xbox One as well as PC but for Wii U it's nothing. Are Wii U gamers mainly casual gamers & not really into clanning?

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          The only reason I have a clan is..well...we're not really a clan. We're just a group of people who happen to like the Delorean Motor Company.


          I don't think most of us are into competitive gaming....I don't really see the point of it in a game like CoD. Civilization and other strategy games, yes...but CoD......

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            I've been a member of a Parent Gamers clan http://www.teammp.net/VB_TeamMP/ 

            for about 5 years now, and it started on the Wii only, playing World at War.

            Since then it has been through many changes as peoples lives get busy, a lot of members went over to Xbox/PS.

            And last year the final split came when we parted ways with some of the old Wii crew that never upgraded to the U.

            There are still a handful of [MP]s that play regularly , but the majority are either on the other consoles or moving on to the next gen. So we are certainly not a Wii U 'exclusive' clan, and I'm not sure that many are.


            It was the first clan I joined and I never regretted a moment of it. Never had I expected to have so many laughs and make so many great friends from playing an online computer game.

            The Wii/ Wii U side, had always been non competitive, but still generally hold up our own in most games.

            The main objective was to always make the most of the limited time we have as parent gamers and have a laugh.


            Good luck with your FairPlay clan, and we hope to cross paths as it is always a pleasure to play against people who like a fair match. You will find lots of other great clans out there and some not so great too. But that's the joy of online gaming, for every one gamer that wants a good honest fight, there's nine behind them waiting to flash bang a team mate and shoot their Bettie's out.

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              not really. me and my brother accidently start the BOSS squeaker clan when the game started. we used the tag from day 1, and some random squeakers in lobbys decided to change it to that, espicialy when we both played. about a month later we were randomly running into a bunch of them, regurly, we both ended up changing tags becausue of it. now it doesnt seem to be so bad.

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                4H's Clan Thread for Ghosts: http://community.callofduty.com/thread/200783879


                there are a lot of clans on the Wii, but a lot died off or just moved to the ps360 as a result of sub par games.


                Established in 2008 as a World At War clan, 4H is one of few W@W clans left on the Wii/WiiU


                MP, see above and OFC are the only clans i see now from the old days.


                as far as the Clan Ops not being in Ghosts, thats just the Nintendo Console getting mistreated as usual.


                theres always something that we wont be given and thats just a fact.

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                  We have a skype chat for competitive. There are about 8-10 NA teams and and I don't know the amount of EU teams but it's at least 4. There are 81 people in the skype chat alone, but not everyone has a skype though.


                  We do little tournaments with MLG rules.


                  My clan InK is always open to clan war anyone.


                  xYoshi16 - YouTube There is our leaders YT and he post clan wars against other clans.. We (InK) are always open to clan war people. MLG or non MLG rules doesn't really matter

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                    I dont really care much for clanning as a competitive thing, but its fun to make a clan just to mess around with friends.

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                      I've never been into clans that much. If i was in a clan, i dont think that I would want to be in a very competitive one. The closest thing to a clan that i've been into was when a few friends that i play with and I would play together as CREW. Idk if any of them are on the forums at all.

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                          I'm not really into competitive gameplay. Just gaming for fun just like most gamers of my age (40 something y.o.). I'm gaming mainly on PC & just started gaming on console on the Wii U so my skills in using standard console controller is very limited. I still can't compete on console even if I wan't to. You see on PC I play mainly with gamers that I know of on specific dedicated servers that I'm playing in. On console most of the time I'm playing at random with people I don't know. On Wii U I noticed very little interconnection with gamers. It's like Wii U gamers play in a very casual atmosphere.

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                          Add me: I come from the competitive PS3 COD religion


                          Gamertag: StumpTownKnight