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    Hunted and Grind?

           I know there hasn't been anything over these two game modes, but I was just wondering if anyone has a clue. Since they have not released anything for extinction or hunted I thought maybe they might be together. What I by this is that maybe Hunted will have aliens and will be like a multiplayer of extinction. And for Grind the name hints nothing so I have no clue on what this game mode will be. Another thought is maybe they will make infected revamped and new by adding new features. If you have any knowledge or guesses on what these game modes might be leave a comment. Thanks.

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          Re: Hunted and Grind?

          We probably won't know much for another week or so.

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            Re: Hunted and Grind?

            for hunted i was thinking something like this.

            Hunters vs Prey

            Hunters Loadout

            Marksmen rifles

            stealth perks

            any equipment

            Prey Loadout

            Pistol w/ silencer or other attachments

            Stealth perks

            Any equipment



            In hunted 2 teams are pitted against each other in a fight similar to SND

            if prey survives long enough, they win

            if the hunters kill off all the prey they win

            hunters will respawn in waves or something similar

            prey does not respawn.


            For grind....Yeah i got nothing

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                Re: Hunted and Grind?

                I just got news from IGN that it will have weapon drops all over the map and stuff and you have to fight for them. Grind supposedly is were you get dog tags and bring them to and objective to get points. Thanks though.

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                  Re: Hunted and Grind?

                  My guess for hunted would have been a one life only TDM/FFA game possibly with multiple rounds like SnD, or some kind of play on infected.


                  Hope these modes prove to be interesting, the new ones so far have certainly caught my attention especially blitz.


                  As Bubbagump said, if its true (ive not seen anything so cant comment on it) Grind sounds like it could be fun aswell, KC/CTF style combo could be alot of fun.


                  Especially if you can collect multiple tags but run the risk of losing them all if you die.

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