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    Perk set up?

      So from what we know from the perk set ups, what would you guys think the best set ups would be?

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          Re: Perk set up?

          Depends on the map. How weapons handle, gamemode the amount of sat-coms being used etc.


          So I can't tell yet

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            Re: Perk set up?

            Off the Grid will be overpowered and overused.

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              Re: Perk set up?

              Personally I think its way too hard to stay invisible, and off the radar, I mean if I want to snipe and don't want to appear on radars or thermal scopes, it takes 6 of my 8 perk points, that's not taking away a gun, and if i want to be invisible to kill streaks to, then I am kinda SOL because I will have to use all 8 Perk points. And another thing is why cant the suppressors also eliminate muzzle flash, I mean if we really want to be invisible as a sniper should be then it would only make sense, Also lets hope they don't make stalker able to delay explosives like claymores or bouncing betties, because we already have a limited amount of them and scavenger wont refill them, so it kinda unbalances the sniper against runners, I mean it takes out them once, then you have to rely on your secondary to beat a smg the next time they come around, which is usually with a ton of flashbangs, noobtubes, and c4.

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                Re: Perk set up?

                Mine will probably be:

                Off The Grid

                Dead Silence

                Sit Rep


                and then either Scavenger or Tac Resist.

                Scavenger will depend on how many bullets you start with and how many it takes to kill people.

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