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    [PC][Aus] - [IBAu] Join IceBoltzAu Today

      Clan Motto:

      Freeze Them In Time


      Clan Description:
      (Current Clan Bio in Italics at the bottom)

      IceBoltzAu [IBAu] is clan for ALL age groups and ALL genders (thats right... ALL) but If you are under the age of 15 your chances of being accepted into the clan are slim and you'll have to prove yourself in game before recruitment. I will have a Raidcall server open for voice chat in and outside of game so you can get to know your fellow clan mates better. I'm looking for players with previous experience in call of duty whether it be casual or cyber gaming comps or what ever, I will most likely not be accepting anyone whose first COD game is ghosts. Being Australian is essential for this clan and you must be willing to have footage on you tube as I plan to create a Youtube account dedicated to uploading videos from the clan. This is a clan for the best of the best.

      "IceboltzAu is an Australian clan created for the best of the best. Age or Gender mean nothing, if it means you can bring a competitive aspect to the team. See you on the battlefield, Freeze them in time."

      Clan Application/Requirements (Not all of these are essential):


      In Game Name *IGN*

      Example of previous Call of duty games you've played

      Example of previous Clan experience (any game)

      Any special skills (artistic, creates videos, good at impersonating Nicolas Cage ect)

      How good you think you are
      Favorite Game modes in call of duty games
      Do you have a mic/ Could you get one?
      Reliable internet connection?
      Do you have around at least 10 hours a week for call of duty ghost


      (Pick 3+ of the above questions to answer and post a reply)


      Example of an application with every question answered:
      Age: 16

      Gender: Male
      NickName: BigFudge
      I've played all of the call of duty games but 1,2 and 3 and I average around 800+ hours of gameplay on each
      I was once in a clan long ago for CODMW and CODMW2 this clan produced youtube videos and participated in Cyber Gaming Competitions.
      I don't talk much but I have a habit of reading peoples minds (people can't tell when im joking)
      The Best
      S&D (hardcore normal), TDM, FFA and Domination (hardcore, normal)
      I don't currently have a mic because my headset recently broke but I'll have one by the launch of CODGhosts
      I have a very reliable internet connection and on the odd occasion that something goes wrong I understand/know how to fix it
      I can easily rack up 10+ hours a week on CODGhosts but for the first 4 weeks I'll only be able to make 4 or 5 due to other commitments.



      Just an example some of it was really about me but if you make it into the clan you'll learn a whole lot more.

      Good Luck Soldiers...

      *Freeze Them In Time*