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          Name and Shaming is not allowed on the forums.


          The best way to deal with it is to report in game.  If they boost enough, and enough people report them, they will be flagged and investigated.

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            rlbl is correct don't name and shame.......report them find a new lobby and move on, or you can do what I do every now and then, when I find a member of my team boosting with a member of the other team....if it is the member of my team always killing the other teams player....I follow them hide in a corner close by and when they get 3 or 4 kills I shoot my teammate doing the boosting (hardcore) and stop the scorestreak......I can only do this twice but it does seem to make them leave the game more quickly especially if I have can get assistance from other members of my team

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              Or do what I do throw a emp to destroy the tac insert kill the other team member then fallow them around and disrupt it every time they try

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                Those who you witness, or suspect, of violating the Black Ops II Security & Enforcement Policy in-game are to be reported in-game. This is the official and most direct course of action that you can take regarding this issue.


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