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    xSFx multi-console clan. Recruting Check us out!

      Hello to all gamers I am the owner of Shoot First Ask Later,

      We are a multi console gaming clan that has 22 members at this time. We do play Elite events every weekend when people are on and sometimes play on the weekdays. We also have a Elite Team which is the top 10 members in our clan. We are ranked 9th but we will soon be ranked 10th so gold tags will be available.


      I do not have and Trials, K/D, Age, Gender, or any of those, you apply you are in. But be active on the site meaning post and playing with other members, don't be a long wolf please.


      Our site is http://xsfalx.enjin.com and is awesome site I know that you will like it. I am always modifying it to other members needs, soon when we get more players we will go to the Full Version of enjin we are only running the advanced version.


      Any questions just message me on this site, there is a link on our site you can message me, or on Xbox GT: WillyWooTang.

      See you on soon. Happy Gaming