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        130. Re: Probation

        My statement stands dude I have been playing HC for at least the past 8 months now at least and I have never seen a warning. I played a bit of Core I think like 20hrs total and have over 150 hrs of HC. Stop raging and Tking haha. You probably rage quit so much you dont even realize it. I team kill all the time get kicked out of games for doing it to, I leave games from time to time as well. If you play solo and have any experience in this game then you know that you run the risk of getting put on a bad team about to lose so you might as well try and get a few kills and play the rest of the game, stay in the lobby and start fresh the next game. If you rage you still get the loss plus the probation point.


        YOUR DOING IT WRONG BRO. Get over it, go outside might help your outlook on things getting some fresh air.


        I dont know whats worse the fact the you claim to play HC 100% of the time and still cant play it right or the fact your a "adult" on a video game forum raging at people that have no control over the GAMES functionality. smh.


        Good luck buddy.

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          131. Re: Probation

          The only people that have a huge outstanding issue with probation are the ones lying to themselves. Its a shame really.

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            132. Re: Probation

            i am over thank u and sorry

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              133. Re: Probation

              We all have are moments man. Its all good.

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                134. Re: Probation

                Probation period is just bullshit!!!!!! Every time when I log is I start from probation period x 2!!! What the f...!!!! How you can napy from this?! And i did not quite the bloody game!!!!!

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                  135. Re: Probation

                  Its not going to be removed from the game. The timer does not count down when the game is not in the console and being played. So if you get it and shut off the box, it never ends the countdown and will restart when you start the game back up.

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                    136. Re: Probation

                    I believe that probation is extremely retarted. Sure its needed for some ragers but when people run ghost with death machines,AND camping in the corner. I completely agree with youniquename about when u cant even spawn ur dead instantly. Heres a trick for that: have a combat axe, and look down. You have to walk sideways or the sentry will kill you. Just passing on the info I got from VanossGaming on youtube so credits go to him.

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                      137. Re: Probation

                      There are legitimate issues with probation.

                      Maybe we can agree on the following

                      Treyarch should not count toward probation the following.

                      1. Being kicked for excessive kills of your own team. Being kicked is punishment enough.

                      2. The internet connection fails and you are disconnected thru no action of yours.

                      3. The host quits.

                      other than that probation will not affect most of us.

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                        138. Re: Probation

                        I never quit a game unless the connection sucks, people are bad, trolls or spawn campers. After 3-5 games I get probation because of the stupid **** people do. They need to fix that.I was max prestige and left 1 too many games, got off. The next day, I was level 1. WTF vonderhaar.

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                          139. Re: Probation

                          Not to be rude, but quitting games will never make your stats reset.. There was another reason that they were reset, and I would be finding out why if I were you.. But I'm the same as you, as far as leaving games.. If I start from the beginning, I'll only leave for connection.. Otherwise I don't leave.. If I'm thrown into a match that's ongoing, I always check and see what's going on before I jump in.. If the score is insane, or they have big streaks or something like that, then I just leave without ever joining in.. And to all of those who think that's not acceptable, get over it.. I play this game for fun.. I like to do well, of course, but I play for fun.. It isn't fun to be thrown into dogs or warships or things of that nature when I wasn't part of the cause for them being out.. And the whole, you get a loss for leaving before you ever join is ridiculous.. I have no clue how many losses I have and I don't care at all.. But I know that some people do and that isn't right for their stats to be affected negatively when they did nothing wrong but hit the A button.. The only other reason I back out before getting completely into a game is if it's a map that I just don't like.. There are a few maps that I won't play.. I don't care what you COD elitists think of that either.. I hate Turbine.. I hate Drone.. And some others.. No point in joining when I don't like it.. If I get probation for that, then so be it.. The game has so many ridiculous things about it, that this would just be one more..

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