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        140. Re: My biggest worry about CoD Ghosts: Map Design

        scotland-rules wrote:


        I think what RunAndGun1 was trying to say was that if you came up against a team of snipers who for the most part need to stay stationary for some parts of the match was that it can lead to the game being slow.


        To be honest dude you need to chill, he used the word camp to describe a method of play which is being stationary and not moving. I myself try to avoid using the word camp and instead use other words but its a pretty well known word that many use in CoD.

        Thanks, scotland-rules. That's exactly what I was trying to say. Only trolls, boosters and hackers are "morons" in my book. I'm simply sharing my experience and views here, which is what I believe forums are for, correct?


        I use words here that I know are understood to have certain meanings. Camping is a reference to taking up a position and not moving from there for long periods of time. I sometimes camp to assess my surroundings, especially if I know an enemy is following me and I stop around a corner waiting for them. Or if I'm new to a map, I will slowly move around it sometimes stopping to "camp" to take mental notes of the layout, etc. All in all, I just want to have fun playing the game.

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          141. Re: My biggest worry about CoD Ghosts: Map Design

          scotland-rules wrote:


          The sight lines are gone on almost every maps because of the fact the devs put so much useless junk around the place. Take big maps in BO2 like Turbine, they've cut off most big sight lines by a bridge, trees, mountains. Look at aftermath...its a big map but plays like a small one.

          Those are two excellent examples - out of many - that made BO2 such a crap release, in my book. Their only two medium sized maps, and they took away virtually every line of sight for snipers with dipping landscapes and clutter. How daft.


          I miss the days of W@W and MW2 where I could use Overkill and switch between running and sniping with a flip of the switch. Making the match a thousand times more fun. Ghosts looks like its bringing back maps with multiple lines of sight. I'm looking forward to sniping again. I've hardly done any sniping since MW2 because of small maps and clutter.

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