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    The trailer is released!


      Check it out everyone!


      Official Call of Duty®: Ghosts Extinction Reveal Trailer - YouTube



      Looks extremely interesting.  What all do you think?

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          It looks very interesting! I guess it all depends on map design/interaction with map and easter eggs that will determine if this is something players invest a lot of time into or if it's just a straight up survival, which gets a bit tired very quickly imo.


          But from the trailer there does seem to be variety of aliens and a possible ending which I like.  Zombies was great but you couldn't beat it which meant it was a total grind.  I would play with buddies into the late 40 rounds and just hope that I got killed because it was 3am and I wanted to sleep, but couldn't let the team down.

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              It seems like there is a story involved in the mode, which could lead to a lot more easter eggs and such.  Hopefully they learned from the mistake that Survival was and the success that Zombies has been and made a combination of the best parts of both.  If so, I could see this being a great mode!

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              I think it looks awsome, providing it contains a good story etc i cant see it not being a hit.


              Only problem i can see is convincing die hard Zombies fans.

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                Well it has a story behind it and you can play four players co-op but how much replay value is in it. Can I play the game for hours and then want to comeback the next day after for some more? Have to wait and see.