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    why is the activision support so bad?

      Why can't you actually email someone for a response. U r sent round and round on a useless support website that does not answer ur questions. For a start I pre-ordered ghosts for the freefall map only to find out after that it only applies if u buy from game. That is bloody out of order activision!! Its been pre-ordered the same and still cost an outlay, and now to get map i have to lose deposit and re preorder.  U upset me with ur couldn't care less attitude on BOPS2 and now this. So much for customer care. ALL PRE ORDERS should get map OR REWORD what u write on the online multiplayer mode on BOPS2. Preorder now to get freefall map. crap!!!

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          Hello Admoore,


          I apologize for any confusion. The map "Free Fall" is only available on Call of Duty: Ghost. For more information on the content, please see: Bonus Map


          Additionally, I am very sorry for any frustration that this has caused you. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to let me know.




          ATVI Support

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              Hi JG, I know it is only on Ghosts, That is the game i preordered. I only preordered it because on Black ops 2 multiplayer mode the message that is there states. Preorder Ghosts now to get the freefall bonus map free. This is totally misleading. I was going to leave it until release to see if the game suffered the same as its predecessors before deciding to purchase but as the map was going to be free I preordered. Now I find out its some sort of sales scam on your behalf. Please rectify, ideally by offering the map. Hopefully with ghosts the gamers might be listened to, unlike with Black ops 2. psn name moore51.