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    Have you guys seen this? How excited are you for Ghosts?


      "Pre-ordered? Chancing it. "My parents love me" "


      ROFL. Seems like Activision knows who their target audience is......


      All jokes aside, how excited are you for Ghosts? Like...who was it...Nintendon't I think? Yeah, like Nintendon't said, not many people are excited for Ghosts...seems like no one cares anymore.


      I remember making mothertrucking podcast episodes with Grombloodboy and Momskirbyok talking about MW3(Mostly me b**ching about how small the maps were. Called it. WOOT!). I remember when BO came out, all of my friends were talking about it. Now..no one cares. There was a bit of hype for BO2, mostly because it was the first HD CoD to support Wiimote.....but now..meh. Are any of you guys excited?(How many times have I said this already? I think twice..). If so, are you going to be the sole person to buy a Wii U copy at midnight? Did you pre-order? Are you going to? How many dogs do you own?



      Me? Well....I want to play it but I haven't seen any gameplay videos at all....any information about Ghosts, I get from reddit(that's where I found this funky flowchart). Since reddit hates CoD, ther'es not much info about Ghosts other than posts making fun of it and how GTA V Online is going to be "cleansed" once Ghosts come out. Basically....I know nothing about Ghosts. I haven't preordered(no need to, there's always copies around...) and I won't be there at midnight. However...depends on how I'm feeling that day...I may buy it out of impulse. If I can control myself, I'll just get it used later on.



      What was I talking about again?