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      i got baned when people did this hack )kill ur self and get to lv 50) and i killed my self and i didnt want to get to lv 50 and i got baned because of this and i want to play black ops 1 but i cant anyway i could get un banned gt:zerutz

      thanks any reply would be greatfull

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          Re: banned

          Hi there,


          We understand your concern regarding your account; however, we do not have the details of your ban. Please take a moment to review the Security & Enforcement Policy which outlines reasons an account can get banned Activision Support .


          Additionally, bans are not subject for further discussion or appeal.  Before any action is taken, the account is carefully reviewed to prevent a false positive.


          In accordance to the Community Forum Guidelines & Etiquette Community Forum Guidelines & Etiquette  this discussion will be locked.


          Please do not create another discussion regarding this matter.


          Regards ^AH

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