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    [US][Xbox] Join The Bones Brigade Clan Today!

      Leader: frats74


      K/D: 1.94


      Prestige: 7th, working on 8th.


      Clan Level: 11 (Gold Clan Tags)


      Bio: In the beginning, there were 45 members. The app at that time had several technical issues. Some members got put into other clans, some members got kicked out, some members did not like Ghosts and have stopped playing, some left because the Clan doesn't seem to be leveling up as fast as it should be, etc...  Some of those technical issues seem to have been resolved.


      Current members: 4. (3 are on Xbox 360, 1 is on PS4)




      1.) Have a headset with a mic


      2.) Has not violated Microsoft, Sony, Xbox Live, PSN and Acitvision's Banning Policies and has no intention of doing so.


      3.) Squeeker Rule, but can be worked around on if the player does not disrupt games and can seriously play.


      4.) Play regularly so you can Clan up.


      5.) *Play to stay.


      Some members have been kicked out because they never contributed in leveling the Clan.


      Interested applicants can send their application in-game or through the app.