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    Just had a good Public Match on Origins for the first time... and it was the most awesome thing ever

      So Origins is a great map in my opinion. Maybe my favourite out of all (maybe Der Riese and MotD comes first). Anyways, each public match I've played on Origins have ended up with either one person leaving and the others to follow, trollers, noobs, point stealers and people who refuses to open anything, etc.


      But yesterday, I joined 3 random people, none of us had a mic. Nobody stole any Zombies from each other in the spawn room. I opened the first door, and the other players opened the followings. "Great!" I thought. And it got even better: We all worked together on the generators, we didn't spam the box until we got a good gun, instead we all took turns to roll the box. Everybody knew about the Nuke-Monkey bomb things, the Zombie Shield and Maxis drone, the Thunder Punch and everything. We worked together at the 4 chests to get the Thunder Fist, we worked together getting all staff parts, not only for the one we wanted for ourself, but we all gathered parts and the music discs for all staffs. We all helped each other out to the fullest when we got downed. We build all the staffs, and I had the Wind Staff. When I was going to get the Ultimate version, I couldn't remember where those 3 things I have to shoot were. So I knifed the big 4 wheels in the Staff Room, and one player started to knife me (he wanted me to follow him) hand he showed me all 3 of 'em! Afterwards, I was the only one who hadn't got my ultimate staff, and all 4 followed me to the Crazy Place and helped me charging up the staff!


      Afterwards we started to train in our own areas, two of us got the Golden Shovel, we all had ultimate staffs, everyone was doing good, and it was so much fun!! Later, I one went down (we had all went down several times before though), but I think it was on purpose this time, since he got tired. That was all OK, I felt the same, so I just went down too, and the two others too.


      Now THAT is what a fun public match is all about! THANKS to the guys I played with, I hope I get another public match on Origins again like that one