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    Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Rage quitters.

      I'm with many problems have some fun when playing black ops 2 multiplayer.

      The reason for this lack of fun is the  great majority of players who simply leaves the game in the middle just because someone is playing this well and dominating the game.

      And that is destroying the game.

      I think that is necesary some penalty for players who leave the game in the half.






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          people quit for different reasons...a lot don't want to play with hacks and cheaters...why should they be punished for leaving a room with cheats and hacks...remove the m and will bet there will be lot less rage quitting

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            Im a rage quitter why? Lag comp make this game unplayable. I think is the principal reason ...

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              Doesn't the console version have some sort of probation system? I think i heard of something like that when the game first came out.  Truly people do have valid reasons for leaving sometimes, but it could potentially help if there was a system where if someone leaves perhaps more than once in 20 minutes they get a 5-10 minute cooldown period that escalates if they leave again within a certain time.  I'm sure there's nothing but holes that can be poked in my idea, but just something to discourage leaving would be nice.

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                what about those that get thrown into a room where the score is 50-10...should they be punished for leaving a room they didn't start in???...there are several reasons...also who wants a room with 200 plus ping when the highest ping wins due to lag comp.....my ping is usually around 34-70 max and if I am in a room with 200 or higher ping I will leave...I get no hit markers, and I die after 1 shot and cant kill anyone with 1 1/2 clips of ammo standing next to them...it sux

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                  No what has DESTROYED the game is a combo of POOR MATCHMAKING & CHEATERS.


                  Listen you and your 'TEAM' run across one of a few parties that I can think of e.g. TheXDeity and his friends 3.5KDR-5.0+KDR you'd 'RAGE QUIT' yourself or you'd be stomped (Pubstomped) so bad you wish you had quit.


                  In contrast IF you were paired-up with an EQUAL Party or Clan, etc then I seriously doubt you'd find them 'rage quitting' and Matchmaking actually WORKED!


                  IF you're in a full Party or Clan v/s Randoms did it ever occur to even once it was an unfair pairing in Matchmaking??


                  For Christ sake for my 1st game of the night I've been tossed into a game that was 3/4th over, unwinnable and craped on with K9/VTOL/Lodestar/etc and again for my first GD game of the night -- F*CK if I'm staying in that crap game!


                  See this thread -> http://community.callofduty.com/thread/200703909

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                    Momba1 has been saying it the entire time....if you look at his thread which has been forwarded to Activision it would resolve a lot of issues in the game...but they keep telling us to check our connections etc...a load of crap...it is their end that needs fixing not ours......the game is a sham