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    Error: There are not enough players to continue



      I tried to play zombies with my friends the last couple of days, but after about 15 mins I lag out and it says: Error: there are not enough players to continue. But none of my friends left the game, in fact, they are able to continue.. It's really anoying, I cant play more than 10 rounds and this error will appear. It driving me crazy


      Im thinking my internet connection is the problem..

      The signal strenght is always around 90%;

      I created a static IP for my PS3;

      Forwarded ports;

      Tried using Google's DNS servers;


      I just dont know what to do anymore, does somebody has a fix for this?




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          Re: Error: There are not enough players to continue

          Sometimes "Lost connection to host" too

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            Re: Error: There are not enough players to continue

            Hope this may help but make NAT available as well as UpNP on the PS3 and the router. I've never had to use specialty DNS servers, but I set up primary DNS and set up my secondary DNS on the PS3 and on the router. If you don't absolutely need them, at least temporarily disable media servers while playing Black Ops. Try going hard wired CAT6 cable if you can, full Gig if your router supports it. If so run 1000TBASE-FULLDUPLEX on PS3 network speed. If not ask for a new router for Christmas. About $99 - $160 for a decent entry level 10/100/1000 router. (Full gigabit) Even if you can't go wired, most of those settings are still applicable and should enhance your all around wireless reliability, not just with gaming, or the PS3.

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