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    BF Sniping = Skill, CoD Sniping = AimBot

      I write this as a fan of both the Battlefield and Call of Duty series. They're different games with their own advantages and disadvantages and I like both for different reasons and both have their flaws.


      But in one area the Battlefield series is clearly superior to CoD and that is sniping. In Battlefield, sniping is truly a "skill" since the sniper rifles are subject to the same in-game physics as other weapons. This means that achieving a one-hit-kill head shot requires the sniper to allow for both bullet drop and flight time.


      Meanwhile, in CoD, sniping "skill" is not based on game physics mechanics involving gravity and bullet speed. Instead it's based solely on exploiting the auto-aim/built-in AimBot feature which ELIMINATES the need to aim carefully. In other words, it's the OPPOSITE of sniping.  It's just a built-in AimBot enhanced by the fact that most of the sniper rifles are one-hit kill weapons competing against other weapons which require multiple hits to kill.


      That's one reason that when playing CoD I stick to hardcore mode: all weapons are on a more even footing when it comes to time-to-kill.  Play any BLOPS II session in regular mode and the sound of gunfire is dominated by snipers using the built-in AimBot system to rapid fire without the need to aim.  Play BLOPS II hardcore mode and the gunfire sounds are far more diverse.


      I know that CoD built-in AimBot users (aka "snipers") are worried about changes to the AimBot feature wrt sniper rifles. But for the rest of us, it would be nice to be able to play regular CoD modes without having to face one-hit-kill AimBot enhanced weapons for a change.  OTOH, Activision knows that a big part of their CoD audience has become dependent on their built-in AimBot 1HK feature (calling them "snipers" is an insult to the skill-based snipers in Battlefield) so the AimBot 1HK players probably don't have much to worry about.