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    [REEL] Renegade Elite - Friendly and active PlayStation clan for all gamers.

      If you’re looking for a gaming community for respectful, mature, friendly and active gamers then Renegade Elite is for you.

      Renegade Elite is a PlayStation 4 clan formed in October 2012, we are building a community of respectful, determined and mature gamers and as we steadily grow as a community we will add more and more titles to our official supported games list.

      Renegade Elite currently support:

      • Battlefield 4
      • Call of Duty Ghost
      • FIFA 14
      • Killzone Shadow Fall
      • Warframe

      With many more PS4 titles to be added in the future and we also support Minecraft on the PC as small spin off from the clan.

      Why should you join Renegade Elite on Ghost?

      We are an active Call of Duty community and we have supported in the past, Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops 2.

      Our Modern Warfare 3 division only lasted few weeks due to our clan been created a few weeks before Black Ops 2 was released yet will still made it to level 17 on Elite without forcing members to take part in Elite events, unlike other clans.

      As for our Black Ops 2 division we was  a part of the Black Ops 2 community since the day the game was released so we know our way round Call of Duty games and no what it takes to win games as a team whilst still having fun. Evidence of this can also be found on Elite as we hit the Level 50 marker before most clans for Black Ops 2 and once again we didn't have requirements or force members to take part in them.


      Our goal on Call of Duty is simple. We aim to play as a team, so we go for the objective, this means we expect everyone to help one another to win the game and because of this although we are playing just to have some fun online we get better and better each day and will know how to handle situations that other clans won’t be able to.

      What else do we have to offer?

      • Youtube channels of some of our gamers, We links all the clan members who make youtube videos onto our main channel to help promote each other.
      • Twitter and Facebook Page for quick clan updates and for members of the public or clan to use to contact REEL easily.
      • We even host from time to time our own tournaments and competitions on the games we support as well as a member of the month contest.

      Requirements to join:

      • You must have a working mic
      • You must be willing to communicate, we expect our members to have good communication skills as after all we are all on team and good teams have good communication skills

      So how do you join REEL?

      To join Renegade Elite you must first visit and register an account at http://www.renegadeeliteclan.org/
      Then you need submit an application in our Application Center for the game you wish to join us on. (Your application will be completed within 24 hours)

      If you have any questions about Renegade Elite please reply to this message or contact B-I-G-DEVIL