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    Lost Islands Lost

      I played the game earlier today and everything was fine. This afternoon I opened the app and everything was gone. It started by asking me to allow in-game purchases or whatever it asks. Then the game when to the very beginning where I had to summon Spyro. I am not very happy. I have played the game daily since 11/11/12.

      Activate name miles00

      Real world dollars spent $0.00 (thank god)

      level 35 or 36 I think

      40-42 skylanders

      approx 220 gems, 150 stones, $2,000,000 coins, 100,000 potions

      I had won all but the first special Skylanders(lucky Boomer, I believe)

      Please help

        • Re: Lost Islands Lost

          Hello miles00,


          Thanks for taking the time to provide me all of the information! At this time I will be forwarding your account information up to our teams for further review. Once I have received some sort of update regarding this, I will let you know!


          Thanks, and I apologize for any frustration.


          ATVI Support