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    One of 500 - Prestige Edition: Question

      Hi fellow forumites and future CoD brethren:


      I just came here to ask a simple question for which I've found no answer whatsoever anywhere I looked. If by any chance I missed some news/blog/whatever that dealt with my issue, I beg your pardon in advance.




      Now, without further ado, my question:

      As one of the first 500 guys to attend the GamesCom booth this year and having won a free Prestige Edition for CoD: Ghosts, how is the whole thing going down?


      I have not received any confirmation eMail or the likes as I'd expect and on top of that there doesn't seem to be a Prestige Edition planned for PC, at least in my region as far as a quick search around the common retailers turned up.



      So, with me obviously wanting my copy for the PC, there's that one issue, but the overarching problem is the complete lack of feedback. Other than a pat on the back and that little piece of paper at the exit of the booth that day, I have no clue how progress is going along.



      Anyone knows something, or can point me to the right people to ask?