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    Black Ops class suggestions?

      I just recently started playing call of duty and I've been playing battlefield 3 for a long time. Sorta Same controls but a big difference in Gameplay. I have black ops 1 now and I want some class idea's on how I should set them up like a general idea on how to set it up. I'll take anything that works. Im also a big sniper so if someone could possibly give me an idea on what kind of sniper class I should setup, Oh and I like to use assault rifles or and SMG with a some power in it when I'm not in a sniper class but I don't think I'll do much sniping because maps are totally different from Battlefield.

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          Name the classes this will help to organize and select faster. Purchase DLC at your own risk! If you choose to prestige to unlock extra classes, (highly recommended) get to 9 or 15 before you run DLC maps or progress will be slow & painful. Run & Gun = 1.)Lightweight or Scavanger/ScavangerPro2.)SlightPro or SteadyPro3.)Hacker or Mask Pro. Sniper = 1.)Ghost Pro2.)SlightPro or ScoutPro3.)Hacker or NinjaPro or MaskPro. Use Dragonov at first for it's ammo capacity until you're used to "leading the target". Bottom class should have an anti aircraft launcher. (Easier to quickly select) Try running around Nuketown, (not waiting for prey) but running with some friends just using sniper rifles to get a feel of how to scope someone on the fly that surprised you, it's easier than you'd actually think.

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              Alright any idea's on guns and pistols for the run & gun class especially for a new guy on Call of Duty. Looking at these starting weapons (I've already unlocked custom classes but theres so little guns to choose and I bought an assault rifle) and as I thought about it, Is shot gunning good or bad on this game?(like does it lead to people wanting you to be kicked?)

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                  Use that (free) MP5K religiously at first with steady aim & practice the heck out of hip firing. You will find it's great for it, lots of headshots. On matches you are doing well use the (free) M16. Spicificly name that class your training one. This will help you refine your aim & shorten timing. Use this technique until you can afford your favorite assault rifle. If you pick one that's too nasty too early, you'll just be fighting recoil instead of learning how to manage it, so limit fire rate at first. (Galil or Commando and burst fire) The shotgun isn't exclusively despised, so you'll be ok. People should respect your abilities with it given it's extremely limited range in this game - even the duckgun with a choke. (Steakout) I'll use the shotgun or sniper mainly for fun, but definitely a wise choice when you can see in advance you will probably not beat the other team due to their track record. For some reason even though you know you are about to get whopped on, using the shotgun class you still get to have a lot of fun, and I've noticed it's a lot less frustrating. And don't feel limited to follow others just shooting. Think outside the "box". For anyone still playing and still viewing these forums, here's a technique I see overlooked and underused every single lobby 100% of the time even by the best players: Hide your equipment! True, this is useless against anyone with hacker, but to anyone else it's deadly, vindicating, and a lot of fun. There are several objects you may interact with littered throughout the rooms on almost every board, such as boxes, cans, cones, ect. Some equipment you have to deploy first, then move the obstruction to cover it, some equipment (claymores) it's generally not necessary. There's nothing more baffling to someone that ran into a room and killed the sniper that just got him 3 times, only to turn around and be staring right down the barrel of their gun! The strategy guide is ok for weapons reference, campaign and trophy completion, but I swear I'd completely re-write the battle technique and class suggestions. As far as the gameplay itself, my friend Rob and I have absorbed the most technique and information, and are likely at this point the two most knowledgable and technically resourceful  players out there. We've figured out some pretty weird tricks to get unique kills or out of tight jams over the years to prove it, and we still look for new ones every week. Have fun with the equipment and remember: It's all about hiding that little blinking light!

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                Try these decent classes I use:



                Primary: Spectre with Grip

                Secondary: Makarov with Extended Mags

                Tactical: Concussion

                Lethal: Frag

                Perk 1: Lightweight(for large maps) or Scavenger(for small/medium maps)

                Perk 2: Sleight of Hand or Steady Aim(small, close corners maps) Hardened (if pro version, there is reduced flinch when hit)

                Perk 3: Marathon(for large maps) or Ninja(medium/small maps, if pro, enemy footsteps are louder)

                Killstreak 1: Spy Plane

                Killstreak 2: Counter Spy Plane

                Killstreak 3: Sentry Gun on Nuketown only(I'll message you the best spot to put it) or Napalm Strike or Care Package(for variety, it won't add to your killstreak anyway because you have 3 & 4 killstreaks selected.