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    Hack review

      Lately in the last thew months I have seen an outstanding amount of hacks on black ops 1 playstation servers. So I thought I'd make a guide to tell you about all the hacks I have seen


      1. Invisible and Invincible hacks, This has been the number one hack everyone is argueing about. What Is this hack?. This hack allows the player invincibility to any weapon or equipment (except radars), it also alows the the player to be invisible but The player still shows he's nametag and appears on any radar. How do you prove this hack?, other than kill cams you should also look out for their kill ratio and the players Rank which will be replaced by a grey square but occasionaly the player has kept their rank. Most of these people are smart and will monitor the amount of kills they get in one game and will avoid getting final kills of them slaughtering everyone at spawn. This hack I assume can be activated immediatly as I have seen on numerous occasions the hacker activating this hack midway through the game which makes their kill ratio reasonable but very good because of these deaths they got in the early rounds . Currently I've seen this in most servers and their is no way to avoid it other than leaving the server.


      2. Unlimited mortar strike, This hack I have only ever seen once but I've heard other people talking about it too. What is this Hack?. This hack launches numeros mortar strikes on the map that last inevitably until the round is over. The player that has done the attack is killable. This hack is genrable used for spawn killing by blocking escapes by mortar strikes.the enemy team is not affected. So other than that its pretty straight forward


      3.unlimited nova gas, This hack I have seen twice. What is this hack?. like mortar strikes it places unlimited nova gas around the map disorienting players. The player that has done the attack is killable. The hack is genrable used for spawn killing by rendering the players useless at spawn. the enemy team is not affected at all.


      So these are all the hacks i've ever seen. Sadly none of these hacks can be avoided unless you leave the server. Hopefully I have given the right descriptions about these hacks and that you have found this useful.



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          Re: Hack review

          I would like to submit: 1.) Hack gun creations, where a player you killed will drop their weapon, and when you pick it up it will have an attachment it shouldn't. (Galil with grip, shotgun with precision sight) AND THEY DON'T EVEN BOTHER USING WARLOARD TO HIDE IT. 2.) Players with the gray square logo that are clearly running 4 seconds ahead of the perceived action on my and my whole teams console. Other than RC-XD there is no real way to kill those players.

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            Re: Hack review

            to add a thew more hacks to this review



            Money hacks is about the most common hack these days. This hack allows the player to hack billions of CP instantly without without even playing any games. The people who use this hack are the biggest douches to think no one notices. Just because they are mainly prestige 10+. their is absolutly no way you can make billions of CP or even 10's of millions unless you have been playing for a seriosly long amount of time. I've been playing COD for 7 days gameplay combined, I have 350000 CP ATM and have earned 850000 cod points over my whole entire time. Considering I am a top performer on COD how can someone with just 6 days more gameplay than me, manage to get even a million more than me.


            Prestige hacks

            Not allot to say here except that these people are douches. Hacking prestige 13 is pathetic and its pretty easy to notice when you see that they have only been playing for 5 days gameplay

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              Re: Hack review

              Every other game has a cheat in it now. Having loads of dosh & full prestige is 1 thing but invisible and invincible are another. I have all the cheats i have met blocked so i can know who they are but i don.t have enough spaces to block them all. After a few gripe messages to chickencookies23, i realized like he said that he's just not worried cos they wont ban him just like all the others that get reported. You make a new profile and you do it all again. The worst thing they could have done is provide all the evidence of a recent banned cheat. ok so he is banned but 2 years of cheating on numerous games and dozens of video's on various websites is just a clear reminder that apart from pooping in the big gun at treyarch's bed nothing is likely to get you banned. All you.. get from them is big words and empty threats..... I rest my case m'lud

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