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    Question about game transfer ps3-ps4

      sorry for asking this if the answers are posted somewhere already, I cant seem to find them.

      if anyone is able to answer this, I have a question about game profiles and dlc transfers from ps3-ps4.


      I share a ps3 with my sister and split the cost of stuff so when we buy map packs on one account all account on the ps3 get it. I plan on buying a ps4 as soon as I can(after it is released) and will from that point on, be playing on it instead of the ps3. My question is, if I were to split the cost of the season pass with my sister and we use it on my account, after I were to transfer my account to a ps4, will the season pass still work on the ps3 or since I transferred my account to the ps4, will it only work on the ps4? sorry if how I explained it is bad, didn't really know how to word the question.


      also, would the same work or not work if I buy map packs separately? as in, if I don't purchase the season pass and instead buy map packs separately would they work on both the ps4 and the ps3 if I were to purchase the map packs on the account the account that I plan to transfer to the ps4.


      thanks and hopefully someone can answer this or lead me somewhere where I can find the answer.