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    Uk players understand the pre order system?

      A strange question I know, usually I would purchase a Call of Duty game around release day with no bother however this time I decided to pre order from GAME to get a the extra content.

           I pre ordered by paying 5 pounds in store and get a receipt. My questions are Can I go in on any time of that day or any other day to get that nice copy with the extra content or do I have to go at the midnight release for that copy? This is because I work night shifts and it is more convenient for me to turn up at lets say 10am to grab my copy.

        My second question is knowing the exclusives with game do I only get bonus content when I arrive there? because all I have is the 5 pound receipt.

           Sorry for the odd questions the people at GAME were vague with me I would just like closure because I will be paying 45 pounds in total which is a little bit more to get this bonus content if anyone can reply from the UK who have had experience with this pre order process before with past CoD games I would appreciate it thanks. 

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