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    Ghost camo not delivered in game :/

      I Redeemed my code from Game uk 3 days ago, I'm not asking for a new code but I'm wondering if I've done something wrong? I redeemed it and it said successful, but there's no sign of the camo/title/reticle in game whatsoever.

      further info:

      i changed my name 1 week ago but I can't see why this would effect it.

      i Have tried to re-enter the code however it says it's already been redeemed

      please help if you can, thanks in advance

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          Re: Ghost camo not delivered in game :/

          Hi KeyZII_OG,


          Thanks for your post.  After you changed your gamertag, did the correct gamertag appear when you logged into your ELITE account prior to redeeming the code?  Once you accessed the redemption form, did the correct gamertag appear?  How long ago did you redeem the code?


          Additionally, please confirm if the platform you are on is Xbox 360.


          Thanks ^AH

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              Re: Ghost camo not delivered in game :/

              this has also happened to me, i have not got the camo recticle etc.. its been about 4 days.

              the gamertag online on elite is different to my current gamertag... could this have something to do with it..??

              if so, how do i fix this..

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                  Re: Ghost camo not delivered in game :/

                  tre1303 wrote:



                  the gamertag online on elite is different to my current gamertag


                  That's definitely the reason why. It sent it to your old one since it never updated to the new one. Enter your new one and contact the place you preordered the game from for a new code.

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                    Re: Ghost camo not delivered in game :/

                    Hi tre1303,


                    It's quite possible the content is in limbo on the old gamertag.  Please try contacting the retailer from which you made the pre-order purchase to see if they have any replacement codes.  If you are able to receive one, before redeeming the code make sure your ELITE account has the correct gamertag linked prior to redeeming the code.


                    Thanks ^AH

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                        Re: Ghost camo not delivered in game :/

                        i ordered ghosts and was supposed to get camo but activation support told me the redeem time for the camo had passed and ended in september for the standard edition of ghosts but was open till the 4th of November for the prestige edition yet on the website i ordered from and got a code for the camo from says in tc .

                        In order to qualify for this offer you will need to:
                        1. Own either an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 with a valid Gold Xbox Live membership or PlayStation Network account
                        2. Have a unique Xbox LIVE Gamertag or PlayStation Network ID
                        3. Redeem your code before November 4th, 2013

                        In order to activate the redemption code you will need to:
                        1. Log on to www.callofduty.com/camo-redemption
                        2.Complete the redemption code process as outlined on the website (by entering your name, email, Gamertag and Unique Redemption Code) Redemption code process is subject to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy posted at www.callofduty.com/camo-redemption.

                        Terms and Conditions 1. On pre-order of Call of Duty: Ghosts, you will be entitled to receive one code for a Call of Duty: Ghosts themed Personalization Pack. This code is only valid for the Call of Duty: Black Ops II multiplayer game mode on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. 2. You will need access to the internet to redeem your code. 3. For Xbox 360, multiplayer access within Call of Duty: Black Ops II is subject to the consumer having a Gold Xbox Live membership. 4. Activision and GAME reserve the right to change the terms of this promotion in the event of any change of circumstances outside their control, including without limitation any technical issues effecting the operation of Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. This redemption code has no cash or exchange value and is non-transferable. 5. In order to participate in this promotion, you need to be 18 or over.

                        so obviously i feel ripped off.

                        the game was pre orderd from the uk online retailer GAME

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                            Re: Ghost camo not delivered in game :/

                            Hi Allarshhash,


                            Thank you for providing that information.  Can you please tell us the retailer you pre-ordered the game from?  Additionally, can you link us to the area where you pulled the above information from?


                            Additionally, please provide us with the platform you are on as well as your gamertag/SEN ID.


                            Thanks ^AH

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                                Re: Ghost camo not delivered in game :/

                                retailer/ GAME.co.uk


                                link to info/ GAME - Call of Duty: Ghosts


                                another showing advertising of the camo / Buy Call of Duty: Ghosts with Preorder Bonus Weapon Camo for Call of Duty: Black Ops II on Xbox 360 | Free UK Delivery |…


                                im on the xbox 360


                                my gamertag is vSOGv

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                                  Re: Ghost camo not delivered in game :/

                                  also if you want it my convo with activision support


                                  Chat Started: Wednesday, October 23, 2013, 01:00:09 (-0700)

                                  Chat Origin: Call Of Duty EN Auth

                                  Agent: Agent

                                  ( 30s ) Agent : Activision Support reporting for duty!

                                  ( 36s ) Agent : Hi there, my name is [Removed by Moderator.]. How may I help you?

                                  ( 46s ) Customer : hello case number [Removed by Moderator.]

                                  ( 1m 21s ) Agent : Let me check it out for you, kindly provide two to three minutes for this, thanks

                                  ( 2m 15s ) Customer : i was not long ago speaking to support who told me i cant get the camo because its past redemption date yet the store i bought it from says you need to redeem it before nov 4th

                                  ( 2m 30s ) Customer : 2013

                                  ( 3m 41s ) Agent : I have checked your case, and in the existing documentation for your case, I can see here that you have pre ordered the standard edition of the game. Correct?

                                  ( 3m 51s ) Customer : yes

                                  ( 4m 45s ) Agent : I see, alright. The thing is that the Ghost camo promotion for pre ordering the standard edition is stopped September of this year, and for the presitige edition it is on the 4th of November.

                                  ( 6m 2s ) Customer : that isnt fair i got a code for it cant you give it to me anyway if your still giving it to other people

                                  ( 6m 57s ) Agent : I do apologize, this is the retailers discretion to inform players or poeple who will be pre ordering that the ghost camo promotion for the standard edition has stopped. September this year.

                                  ( 7m 9s ) Customer : also it says nothing on the site i bought it from about it only being prestige

                                  ( 7m 50s ) Agent : I understand, this is the retailer's job. They should have informed player about this.

                                  ( 7m 59s ) Customer : so even tho i got a code you aint giveing it to me

                                  ( 9m 9s ) Customer : its not like it would cost you

                                  ( 9m 14s ) Agent : If you have pre ordered he standard edition, which the code for it has expired. The site will accept the code but the camo will not appear as the code has already expired. The site is for prestige edition of the game.

                                  ( 9m 37s ) Customer : ok

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                                    Re: Ghost camo not delivered in game :/

                                    Hi the exact thing has happened to me. I cannot redeem my code now. I would like you to put it on my account for me. I feel ripped off. Anything you can please do?

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                            Re: Ghost camo not delivered in game :/

                            I do not have my camo ghost. And I introduced to more than 48h.

                            The pomotion is until November 4, activision do not understand it and does nothing to fix it

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                              Re: Ghost camo not delivered in game :/

                              I also bought COD Ghosts from EB games in Melbourne Australia for my son, after entering the redemption code and waiting for 2 days, I figured there was a problem and contacted their customer service, the promotion clearly states to enter the code before the 5th of November, but, as with previous posters, was told the offer had already expired! The customer service guy was less than helpful and actually seemed amused. Can anything be done?

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                                Re: Ghost camo not delivered in game :/

                                hey i had the exact same thing happen to me and every time i went on call of duty elite it said my old gamertag but i had changed it since then and it has been 48 hours. Everynight and morning i have been checking on the same account with the old gamertag and when i went to change my classes and it still wasn't there.

                                PLEASE HELP I REALLY WANT GHOST CAMO!!

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                                  Re: Ghost camo not delivered in game :/

                                  I Reedemed my code it's been 2 days and still havent recived the camo please help

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