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    xVision Gaming Recruiting. New Site, Elite Events & Teams

      Welcome welcome to xVSN Gaming a multi gaming clan,

           My name is Cj  or  WillyWooTang (Xbox & PC) and I am the Leader/Founder of xVision Gaming or xVSN for short. We are a clan that is open to all players that love to play and play hard as well. We recruit all players from all over the world so far we have 11 members from around the world and are still are growing, at this time we have a total of 23 members including me. Yeah 23 members do not seem like a lot of people but we do have skills to make up for it, about 2 weeks ago we placed 11th out of 2700 clans in Elite Clan Operation: Core TDM & with only 6 members.

             We do play all games shooting, sports, racing, and etc, so all members have something to play and play with. At this time you can guess that we play mostly Black Ops 2 and you will be right. At most time we are always have members on including my self, when I get back from classes or my girlfriend drops by.

           Our Site! Has been totally redone do to the change of clan names. Our site is http://www.xvsn.enjin.com., our site is always being up graded and things placed in there to make all members happy and get what the needed. Also the site does change in color every once in awhile cause looking at one thing for so long gets old. At this time our site is running off of the Advanced Plan and when we get more members we can make it to the Ultimate Plan.

          The Elite Squad is full the top 10 of our clan soon Alpha Squad or what they wish to be called will made by members that wish to play and that will be our sister team and the if a member of the Elite Squad is slipping they will sent to Alpha and the top member from Alpha will be sent up (not the quad leader.

           Ranking is a very easy thing to do in our site. All you have to do is be active in the site, post, play with others, join one of our squads, and do not not be a lone wolf, that will hurt you in the long run. I am watching watching the members to make sure they are not causing problems and if they are they will be punished. Now I do not care if you are my best fiend if you are not doing when needs to be done or problems I will lower  you a rank or two, all members have to earn when they get, there is no favoritism here.


      Just to add we do have 3/4 graphic designers and 4 video editors, if you can do those things that helps you in the ranks and maybe a job.

      Thanks for reading,

      Cj,    Got any questions ask me on this site or hit me up on Xbox: WillyWooTang