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    [Misleading Title] No Surround Sound Headsets for Xbox One for 3 Months!!!

      If you upgrade you Ghost game to the Xbox One version, then you better be ready not to be able to use your Turtle Beach headsets until February. No Xbox 360 or Xbox One headset will work with the Xbox One until the adapter comes out. Now they did say that players will still be able to access in-game audio via the console's optical digital audio port, but chat audio will have to be routed through the Kinect. Is it just me or do I not understand that correctly. How am I supposed to connect my X12 Turtle Beach headsets that have AV cables into a HDMI port? The adapter is just for the controller, not the back of the Xbox One so how I can hook up my headset? Do you have any thoughts about this?



      Source: Xbox One Headset Adapter Won't Ship Until 2014 - IGN