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    Soft and Hardcore Game Modes Revealed!!!

      Hey Guys –

      There has been some new Intel released today showing the game modes at launch for Ghosts, here’s the list:-

      For the hardcore players, there are only 3 modes:

      • Hardcore TDM
      • Kill Conformed
      • Search & Rescue


      For Clan Vs Clan, there’s 2 modes:

      • Clan Team Deathmatch
      • Clan Objectives


      The Standard modes are:

      • Team Deathmatch
      • Cranked
      • Blitz
      • Search and Rescue
      • Infected
      • Kill Confirmed
      • Domination
      • Hunted
      • Free-for-all
      • Team Tactical

      So what do you guys think? As I only play Hardcore, they have my 3 favourites, but to unlock stuff you have to complete challenges which are called Operations now. So I may have to play some noobcore to get all the bounty I want for that max player customisation!!!

      What are your thoughts and favourite game modes???