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    Too excited for Ghosts. Predict how you will be on release day.

      Okay I need to be honest, I am so freaking excited!!!!!! What can I do to entertain myself or maintain the excitement inside until that beautiful release day.

             I know already 5 things which I will do when I get the game.

      1. I will be singing "I love infinity ward" whilst the game installs.

      2. Have a heart throbbing decision campaign or multi player first?

      3. Playing multi player encounter many French players or children saying unspeakable things about my mother.

      4. Play rather badly 5 times in a row and begin to shout "Why did I buy this AWFUL game I hate infinity ward!!!! I will never play this again!".

      5. 20 minutes later go back on game finish campaign learn the game properly and eventually play multi player again and think to myself I am such a Hypocrite I can never leave CoD to additive!

                I would love to know what you guys think what you think you will do when you purchase Ghosts.  

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