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        Thanks, that feature sounds kind of interesting.

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          1st - It's fashionable to hate CoD in general now. This has been the case for a few years now.


          2nd - We are good at the game. Therefore, while we are still big "fans" of the game, we are no longer learning the game but have become critics. Not in a bad way, but we tend to view CoD from things they've done wrong every single time now. We scrutinize CoD to ridiculous levels, well before we actually look at what the game does right.


          3rd - No one knows what they want in CoD. What features would you add in the perfect Call of Duty? Chances are no one has the proper answer to this, and 10 people would answer that question with 10 different responses

          • 72. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

            To be honest i only have 2 cod games blops1 and blops2 seeing how bad activision did i don't think infinity ward could do worse i have seen game play and always though there games were more fun looking so I'm excited for ghosts Just pre-orderd it last night matter of fact Soooooo


            ps. I had a dream that i just got it and then Oprah appeared and said "It's a good thing." So it must be good

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