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        I've got Mockingbird up to level 13 now, though I'm not sure what iso to put on her.  I'm tempted to buy the cleansing iso that gets rid of debuffs, but what I'd really like is something to make her a bit more defensively sound.  I haven't seen anything like that for a Generalist though.  I should have Hawkeye training for 13 by tonight.  I just need to get him 400 XP and he'll be ready.


        I'm right on the cup of getting 90's Cyclops!  I did everything except for two tasks and recruiting Black Cat.  I only have 2 CP right now though since I just bought Cage.

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          grats on that hawk!

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            Thanks!  I got Clint training now and I decided to give Bobbi some new isos since her last ones were when I was at level 200 and I wanted to up her health and defense,  I also decided to buy her the Inspiring Empowered Iso which gives moral boost to the team, so her stats are looking pretty good!  I might take the Soothing Rest iso off her and give her the iso that gets rid of debuffs since that will be useful in any fight.  Not sure what to get for Clint yet, his attacks already crit against marked targets.  The only option I see in the store is really the iso that gives him a shield at the start of the fight, but that's not all that appealing.

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              I've been farming a bit recently. Got Captain America and wolverine so just daredevil and the panther to master c2 (finally done c1).


              Got the cube in pvp after spending 10 gold to finish it. It's the best item in the game. My win % has gone up to about 95% after getting it (out of the last 26 battles in the record I've won 25 compared to about 80ish% before getting the cube). In the tourney I've been doing my 5 a day (about 2.5% this morning) and I'm up to 1621 (0.36%) despite not buying any armory stuff for two seasons. I'll do some more then hope i don't get many afk battles/hope i win them (aka get knocked to vibranium probably).


              The cube makes it a different game.

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                So what's the thoughts on the latest Spec Ops!


                I really like the Dark Elves as a new enemy.  Their changing class is a bit different than what we usually face in story mode.  Heimdall and Loki are fun Spec Ops characters, though not too interested in any of the weapons.  I wanna get that new Thor costume so I'm gonna put a hold on buying Black Cat till I buy it since it's a limited offering.  Luckily, I already have all the characters need for this Epic Boss fight so I don't need to spend anything.


                Kurse is probably the easiest Group Boss fight since Ultron.  Depending on the class, I can get rid of 30% of his health in a single battle, pretty sweet!

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                  So, does anyone still play this game or the new Tactics game? lol

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                    Hey Username, haven't seen you in a while!  I'm still playing Alliance though I'm the only one here that is.  I tried playing Tactics a bit, but I'm only as far as the Radioactive Man fight.  I keep losing to him, I guess they want ya to use the faceless SHIELD agents along with IM and Panther.  I think Iron is playing Tactics a lot, but not sure how far he is.  He's probably beat it already, haha.

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                      Hey GU


                      Yeah I'm playing it while on vacation' pretty fun. I just haveto beat Modok to complete the 1st chapter but need to get my heroes more leveledup as he is way tougher thanany other fight so far.

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                        I'm still at the early stages in this game. I just need to find the time to figure out what I'm doing, of course. It's pretty fun, but I spend a bit more time on the original game.

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                          @Iron - How did you get past Radioactive Man?  Are you supposed to use the agents?  I always get that message about leaving your base unguarded so I'm not sure if that's how you're supposed to do it.


                          @username - Yeah, I definitely feel like there's a steeper learning curve to tactics than there was to Alliance.  The story mission stuff for Alliance is pretty simple.


                          Ya can add me as an ally, by the way!  I think if you search under Hawkeyed Clint you can find my FB page.  My wall has a scan of Bobbi fighting Yelena Belova from a recent Secret Avengers issues.