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    Hold it down EZ is recruiting (HIDE). Holditdownez.enjin.com [XBOX360][USA][EASTCOAST][Gold Clan Tags] Forming TDM and OBJ squads for clan wars! 90+ Members established clan. Our main focus is winning and a 1.4 KDR or higher is required.


      Who we are:

      Although many of us started playing together on COD4. We officially formed as a clan on Call of duty: Black ops 1. We were a loose knit clan and our original name was [YUM] Y u mad?. It consisted of some of our original leadership members we still have today like FrankieAmigo, THE RED, and me U Camp I Knife. We all loosely played Modern Warfare 3 together but we decided to form an official elite clan in Call of duty: Black ops2. At the time [YUM] was taken so we formed Make ya try hard or [MYTH]. We had some issues with the clan leader not interested anymore and we had no way to transfer leadership so the 95% of the clan that was serious left and formed what we are today [HIDE] Hold it down EZ. The name was simple to come up with our main strategy on any map was to gain map control by controlling the spawns or holding it down (it's funny when we were losing or in a tough match you would always hear us reminding everyone to "HOLD IT DOWN" and we would almost always pull out the W. For instance on plaza we would hold down the dubstep club with only 3 entrances and 6 people we could easily use callouts and there were many times where we would win TDM matches 75-3 etc. On hijacked we could hold down our spawn by controlling the hut, catwalk, middle, and underground and have two floating slayers. We would make players with much better gunskill rage quit because with trophies and flak jacket they couldn't penetrate our defenses. On objective gamemodes we excelled as well using communication and callouts and having each specific member use specific equipment to gain map control and secure objectives. We are looking to expand on these strategies and have you help us dominate the battlefield on clan wars on Call of duty: Ghosts.


      The Requirements:

      1. 1.4 KDR. (Some say KD isn't everything and that's true in objective modes but not tdm. It also shows you are disciplined and have enough gun skill to where even in a challenging match the team isn't carrying you. Yes we all go negative sometimes but it is the exception and not the rule.)

      2. A mic.

      3. Willingness to participate in clan wars.

      4. Accept invites and play with your clan. ( IF you wanted to play solo all the time why are you wanting to join a clan?)

      5. Willing to communicate when playing with the team and participating in team strategy.

      6. More of a rule but don't play against the clan in pub matches. (If we recruit you that means you are good and no need to cause us a loss in matches carrying a good enemy team.




      TO APPLY

      1. Post your gamertag and KD in this post & MSG U Camp I Knife & cinnabarhurdle8  on XBOX LIVE and tell them you are interested in joining.


      2. Fill out an application on our website at holditdownez.enjin.com recruitment tab



      P.S. Use the clan tab to  your advantage. You will start getting invites from our clan members. When we are looking for a 6 man we go through and invite anyone online in our clan using the  clan tab in the friends panel . We expect you to respond to these when you can and actually play with your clan! From the main menu in ghosts press Y button and then scroll over to the clan and start sending invites!

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