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    Worst ever???

      I remember  being told from the game developers when playing MW3 that they were learning and that Blops2 would be different.....1 year later and nothing has changed.For me MW3 was a letdown the lag was bad but you seen in the forums that they were at least trying to make things right....Blops2 has me asking what did they learn???...After 1 year of struggling through this game it is still the worst online game i have ever played for lag.I have half the hours put in on blops2 than i did on mw3...Why??? because of the game killing lag.....The Endless hot fixes and updates,more than any other COD game i think and still nothing has been done about the garbage matchmaking and connectivity issues.I have pre ordered Ghosts for my last chance at a decent COD game the last one in my opinion being MW2...but if the system hasnt changed i will quickly trade it in instead of suffering the same garbage for another year.I could go on about the boring map packs (i bought them all except the last one.I also uninstalled others i had payed for because they were sooo dull)but i will finish here  because i think i could b!tch all night about bops 2.

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          Re: Worst ever???

          I'm a gen ahead of you.  After MW3 I gave Activision one last chance with BLOPS 2 and they proved to me they have no intention of making the needed changes regarding lag, matchmaking, hit detection etc etc.


          I see that Ghosts is still using the same game engine that came out in 1999.  For those of you not old enough to remember, ADSL began experimental deployment in May 1988 in Canada, went for a trial in the UK in December 1988 and then began to spread with 1.5/384 speeds.  At the time the game engine came out, almost everyone was on dial up.  56k had just hit the marketplace, replacing 28k and 33k modems.  the lucky few that could afford ISDN had 64k or 128k connections.  With a screaming fast connection only being 100Kbps faster than the slowest, matchmaking wasn't much of a concern.  Now we still have ADSL users with 384k upstream trying to match up with Fiber users at 20Mbps upstream and the balance is gone.  Trying to force balance by penalizing the faster connection to be on par with the slower connection has been a disaster.  Until they stop trying to sell me a broken game from 1999 with new graphics, I'm spending elsewhere.

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