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        60. Re: My thoughts on the Quickscoping Hate

        No Argument. You are right that one cannot just pick up a gun and do it.


        But that is far from the point.


        The problem is not quickscoping in itself.  The problems are:


        - A person who is losing a gun fight should not win it*. This argument holds true for shotguns as well as snipers, but...

        - The problem with sniper rifles is that they are OHK weapons at ANY RANGE on the map.  This should be so at long range, but no so in the range that should be dominate by another gun type.  What would be the point is using a SMG in a CQC situation, if a sniper rifle (a long distance weapon) does a better job? That is not game balance. See the OP for an example of who it iid BS, and why it is a problem.


        So yes I did cover the fact that it does take some hand-eye coordination, quick reflexes and screen centre perception etc (the "skill" that is required).  But again, it is not a true argument. Many believe that someone who is skilled with a sniper, is equally as skilled with an AR. The problem is: when that person is using an AR they will LOSE the gun fight they were losing against someone equally as skilled using an AR. THe fact they so happen to be using a sniper turns the tables in ways it should not.  I have no issues with quickscoping per se, I have issues with the simple fact that it presents a game balancing problem. Something people who like to quick scope tend to ignore (no saying you, just saying).  Imagine if one could pull out a shotgun and drop people from across the map, or someone using an SMG an one hit killing people.  The game would be unbalanced, and there would be no use using any other gun, because they all work the same at any range.


        * Side bar… you know why people do not complain about QS in HC? Because people who are winning gun fights in HC, win them (almost regardless of the gun they choose to use)… Even in a long range battle, someone using an SMG can still find themselves at a disadvantage of someone using an AR.


        edit: I do not go into depth as to why QSing takes skill etc… there are a lot of posts on that, as well as QS hate threads. THis thread is neither. If you read the subject title, and the OP, you will get the spirit of the intent of this thread.  No hating on quickscoping, it is an attempt to analyze why there is hate.

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          61. Re: My thoughts on the Quickscoping Hate

          re: side bar...


          But it is why us HC players hate pistol primary users for the same reason, but exact opposite ranges.  Pistols fire faster than anything and are still OHK at most ranges on these short sight line maps.  at least 1/3 of HC lobbies are pistol primary users now.  They should not be the dominate weapon at range, but they are due to firing speed and no bullet drop.

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            62. Re: My thoughts on the Quickscoping Hate

            You are correct sir...

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