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    (PS3/4, Xbox) MYO Gaming looking for active gamers/competitors to join a team of friends. CoD, GTA, BF, TLOU

      Meet Your Owners – MYO





      We are a tight-knit gaming community across several games. We focus on CoD, the Last of Us, GTA, and BF! We also compete in MLG. We are more than the regular gaming community; we are close friends that stick together. We are ranked consistently in the top 100 clans and our elite clan level is 50 on BO2. We have around 50 members that live all around the world.



      Are we right for you? Are you looking for a clan that respects its members? A clan that is always active? A place where you can make friends while owning in game lobbies? How about a place where you can share game strategies and compete as a team? Then we are the perfect clan for you. Did I mention we are sponsored and have community giveaways and awards?



      Requirements: K/D above 1.0, higher if you intend to compete on MLG. In-game mic. 16+ yrs old, must stay active on the clan website at least weekly. Mature, but we do love to have a good time.


      Are website is like our Facebook. We require all members to use it. We always have a lot going on in our clan to include fun events with other clans and MYO-exclusive events. As a result, members need to check in on the site regularly to stay informed as to what’s going on and what their friends are doing.


      COD GAMERS: MYO is unveiling a new Company structure. All CoD players are broken down into several companies. They will have to work hard as a team to become the best Company each month! Better yet, the Company rosters will change monthly through a draft to allow you to play with new friends all the time as you compete for prizes and prestige.




      We are a growing community and are searching for the right people to fill staff positions and also help us grow in BF4. We are also looking for good competitors that are interested in MLG.


      Apply at myoclan.com by registering then clicking the “Clan App” tab at the top. Fill out all info correctly. If you have any questions add MYO_Trav or Lieutenant_Focus.


      -Thanks for reading