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    What is your perk build going to look like?

      For the sake of learning your perks beforehand, here's a youtube vid showcasing all of them:
      Call of Duty: Ghosts ALL Camos, Perks, Weapons, Attachments & More! - YouTube

      Perks use up different amounts of points, and if you remove all of your other pieces of equipment, you'll have a total of 11 points to work with.[maybe 12, but I'm pretty sure it's 11]

      Keep in mind that attachments for weapons DO NOT COST PERK POINTS this time around.

      This means you can take a free "grenade" if you choose an assault rifle with the Grenade launcher underbarrel, or a free "second main" if you choose an assault rifle with the "Shotgun" underbarrel.


      I'll likely have two builds, one for a soldier type focused entirely around gunplay, and one for a stealth type who focuses mostly upon being quick and deadly at close range with just the knife[maybe a pistol for long range encounters, too, since a silencer for those won't use up any points], but since knifing is challenging and I love a challenge and don't care much about my KD ratio, here's my "Ninja" build:


      Off the Grid[3pts]: Acts like the Ghost perk from BO2.


      Dead Silence[2pts]: No footstep noise.[countered by the Amplify perk]


      Agility: Faster movement, OR, Marathon: Unlimited[!] Sprinting [2pts each].


      Tac Resist.[2pts]: Acts like the Tactical Mask from BO2, OR, Scavenger[2pts]: Resupply ammo from enemies.[might be useful if I take a Tactical]


      And then it's a choice between Stealth[1point: Enemy death locations won't be revealed] or a Tactical[likely Smoke, since it also BLOCKS TARGETING SYSTEMS NOW!], followed by a pistol with a silencer[which, keep in mind, is perk-point-free this time around] for ranged encounters.

      If I don't use a Smoke bomb, then there won't be a reason to use Scavenger, so I'll go with Tac Resist in that case.


      Any suggestions for perks on my Ninja are welcome, but keep in mind the 11 point limit.


      I'd like to hear your load-outs too.^_^