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    Crimson Lance Recruiting (XBOX & PlayStation)

      Crimson Lance is a brand new gaming community supporting Call of Duty Ghosts on the PlayStation 3/4 and XBOX 360/One.


      What We Are Looking For:


      • At least 16 years of age
      • Working microphone
      • Active on CrimsonLance.net
      • Able to attend practices weekly


      What We Can Offer You:

      • Website and Forum
      • Active & Friendly Community
      • Military Ranking Structure (promotions based on practice attendance)
      • Raid Nights, Fight Nights, Beer Fights, Custom Game Nights, and other Events
      • Competitive and Casual Gaming Squads
      • Worldwide Support
      • Wide ranging leadership positions available!


      Interested? Want to know more? Visit our website CrimsonLance.net!



      Crimson Lance Commander