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    Calm Before the Storm

      As we all know Ghosts is due to release in only a few hours time now,


      May be a good time to take a holiday from the forums



      Start expecting thread after thread after thread of the same issue being posted over and over and over from around 11:59 onwards



      Just for abit of fun,


      What do you think will be the top 3 things complained about in the first 2-3 hours of the game being released?


      1.) Dedicated servers still lag

      2.) Perks over/under powered (Im going for Sitrep as theres already been a couple of complaint threads)

      3.) Weapons with Attachments included (Honeybadger for example) being OP



      Person with the closest guesses earns them self a virtual cookie!!!!


      Again this is just abit of fun.