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    Leadheads Gaming Recruiting (Xbox One)

      Hello Gamers,

      Leadheads is a new, and mature clan for Xbox 360. Leadheads is a clan that was created to be a family of gamers who love to win with class. We always strive for the good game mentality, great teamwork, and a lighthearted atmosphere. We want to create friendships and a competitive strive for Leadheads and have a good time playing Call of Duty with our fellow comrades. We allow all members to vote on who they want to be in charge of certain roles and rules for the clan. To apply to the clan visit our Website leadheads.us and click the green "apply now" button. Once you have done that you will be the next Leadhead in our gaming family. You can send me a message on XBL or add me on Xbox (GT:seraphim LH or thump LH) if you are interested in Leadheads.


      Keep on Gaming,