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    Treyarch fix your game


      WHY??? why can't leaderboards count even if someone quits? why can't i do i private match with 2 players and count for the Easter Egg. First off you didn't even ask us or give a count on weather we wanted this type of rules. it seems like very very poor brainless thinking/Uneducated decisions. Tranzit sucks, Buried Sucks,  Die Rise is the worst of them all because you make me wait for things like Elevators, Bus, light Teleport to spawn you in the correct location. do you know how hard it is to get someone not to Quit in Public Match.... i mean if one person quits or times out everyone just Says "**** it i Quit". In Black ops 1 i didn't mind because it's easier to find a single player to "Not Quit". I understand in Bo2 you have a solo play but you can not do the Easter Egg solo in all maps. Why not make one solo and one you can do with all 4 players. To get to the point i want to play with people and other players want it to count for the leaderboards and i don't see a reason not to. here is my honest opinion you didnt test your game at all. If your going to make a game try to do it to the best of your ability. Bo2 was 1/2 assed. I wouldn't recommend a Bo3 title at all. Just try next time.

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          I agree with the leaderboard and people leaving thing, but as far as the waiting on elevators and bus, and easter egg things, no.

          • Those waiting elements are in there to up the danger factor, and thereby up the difficulty. Otherwise, by screwing you up, they are working as intended. This would be different from bugs and glitches, where they would not in fact work as intended.
          • The easter egg co-op has been a tradition since Ascension, and though some maps like Call of the Dead let you progress on solo, it's not like it's too much different than before. Yeah, it would be cool if all the maps had a solo and co-op easter egg, I doubt it would happen in a future release.
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              You don't need the bus though, as you have other options.  The elevators are your only choice in die rise though, and they may be a fun challenge early on, but are an absolute pain later on.  Are you seriously telling me that mid level during high rounds that you routinely use them?  Don't get me wrong, I've amazed myself at times with what you can sometimes get away with, when circumstance dictates.  But the reality is, on high rounds most people will hold zombies to negotiate these spots - especially if reacquiring perks.  This, is beyond annoying.  Great idea, but for me, the wait should be a quarter of the time, enough to complicate things and upset your rhythm, but not enough to frustrate you.

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              I love small maps. all Black Ops 2 maps are... for me... too large.

              This is hard to revive person, who is so far from you in Origins!

              And if you don't revive person, he will quit...

              I think, that World at War maps are very better that BO1 and BO2.

              Remember. Big maps started with Ascension and Kino der Toten was scrapped in DLC 4 to W@W :-)

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                  I totally agree with you. I've only recently gotten the dlc for BO1. Had rezurection, but not COTD or Shangri la. COTD is a massive map. Like huge. But you've got the zip-wire or the flipper thingamajig that can get you to the other side of the map, quick! But on Origins and MOTD I don't know how many times me and friends have faded out because it takes so long to get from one side to the other.


                  I've said it before, but I'd love to see a perk that would teleport you close to a downed team mate, with the danger factor of it re-spawns all the zombies, so you couldn't bring your train with you.

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                      A perk would be silly. I think things like the zipline and flippy grate were much better.


                      Honestly I don't think I've ever been able to get someone cross map in any of the story maps except for Buried, and Tranzit when I was reeeeeally lucky with those lamp teleports.