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    Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

      I'm not one to complain a lot, but this game was hyped up to be amazing. I've played 9 hours so far and I can safely say it is the worst CoD multiplayer experience I've ever had.


      1. The spawn system is absolutely atrocious. I've killed people who have respawned right around the corner and revenge killed me. Not only that but on Stormfront and Strikezone, I've actually spawned in front of people AND in full view. It's absolutely horrific.
      2. The time it takes to die is WAY to quickly. I shoot half a clip into people sometimes only to have them put one or two bullets into me.
      3. The guns are extremely unbalanced. The Bizon is the most overpowered SMG I've ever seen, kills everything in two bullets. The MSBS is ALWAYS a one burst kill, the marksman rifles kill so quickly that it's impossible to run away once you're caught in one's sights and the MTAR-X is now horrible.

      4. The colour of uniforms. It's so hard to see someone in medium to long range! Whiteout is one of the the worst maps for this. I have a 46 inch TV and I'm still struggling with long range shots.
      5. The maps are far too big in some cases. Stonehaven is a ground war map, but there is NO ground war whatsoever!

      6. Getting rid of SnD was the stupidest move I've ever seen from IW. It's what so many people played, it was extremely popular. Why get rid of something that works and is loved by so many people?


      8. If you have a three bar connection, you are as good as stuffed. You'll only do well with four bars, if you have host then you are already at an extreme advantage.


      Honestly, all of this needs a patch... and fast.

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          1. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

          SnD is gone? I didn't play it before but it has been one of the most popular game modes 1)TDM 2)Domination 3)KC or SnD I guess.

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            2. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

            1. Haven't noticed this so far, guess I have to play more

            2. Agreed. Sometimes you just have no time to react. Either you die before you see him, or you melt him before he shoots back.

            3. No problems with the SMG's, there's at least 3 smg's better than the Bizon. The MSBS NEEDS a nerf. Consistent 1 burst kills, super OP.

            4. haven't noticed this either. Long shots easy as always, especially with the MSBS...

            5. Worst maps in any COD game so far imo. Only 3 good ones, that's a pretty bad score out of 14 maps.

            6. agreed. I will play pubs to get to know the maps, after that it's straight to GB SnD for me (snd is in the game, but only in private matches)

            7. luckily haven't seen this yet.

            8. Connection is the best since MW2, bullet registration seems flawless in this game.. Must be your own connection.

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              3. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

              - The spawns are pretty bad. I can never tell where the enemy is. Half the time I'll spawn and then the enemy will spawn right behind me and kill me. Keeping the other team in front of you is impossible, half my deaths have to be from being shot in the back.


              - Insta-kills are still in the game. This was a huge problem in Black Ops 2 and they still haven't solved it. There are times when I hardly see the guy and I'm dead within a split second, yet it takes me way longer to kill.


              - I noticed the same problem with coming around corners. An enemy ran past me, corner checked then looked straight, then aimed back at me and killed me. On my screen it looked like he ran around the corner without looking anywhere else and killed me. I joined another game late and this time I was on the good side of Lag. Went 26-2. The other players were like zombies just standing there.


              - I've only used 2 guns so I can't say which guns are better or worse


              - Its going to take time to get used to the knew look and seeing enemies, it happens with every CoD.


              -I haven't seen hackers yet.


              -The maps are really big, I think it was made for next gen where they'll be able to support more people on a map.


              - Where does it show connections, when I press select/back it just shows the chart in the top right.

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                4. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

                the graphics/textures on the PS3 are nasty. Played 3 maps so far, had to put the game down, and start back up with GTA. I only enjoy hardcore modes, but only 3 choices? and the horrendous respawn delay is back! no thank you. not to mention the final killcam is gone, and the UI is ugly, and you cannot tell who is talking, pressing select, cannot see who's talking, and no overhead display of the talker either. sad to say, this was my most anticipated COD, and turned out to be the most disappointing. It's like they deliberately made the textures/washed out look on current gen consoles, to make the next gen look so much better. shame

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                  5. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

                  Agreed mate!!! the spawns will be fixed but!! BUUUUUUUUT im worried about the bullet thing you mentioned wont be fixed!! MW3 was fast to be dropped but least you could drop shot or turn on a camper to kill him!! in this its like 1 or 2 bullets and you dead but on killcam it seems like you were shot 6 times!!!!

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                    6. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

                    Dude i got it maxed out on PC and it looks like PS3 nothing like the trailers!! and they said PC will run better than even the new gen consoles even the new gens it will look ****!! so ******* pissed

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                      7. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

                      I agree with the health system. It is definitely WAY too low...

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                        8. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

                        The colourblind mode it this is really bad.  It just puts a filter on the reds to make them all look pink (well at least to someone with Protanopia) which makes it off putting.  Guessing it maybe aimed at people with the rare form of colour blindness, Tritanopia, but this isn't great for the more common forms of it.  What we really need is an option to change the default colour of the reticle and maybe a filter applied to the uniforms.  Real shame as the did a great job with the black ops games.

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                          9. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

                          PS3 graphics suck and no hardcore domination

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